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Has anyone read it? It’s great! Here’s a discussion thread if anyone wants to talk about it.
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mine has to be his Root and Grass swords. What was your guys fav?
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Where the hell was Martin at during the finale?

Where was Martin at when Golb tried to suck up Earth? Isn’t he like a cosmic entity and protector of the universe now? It would have been nice to see him come to Ooo and smite those monsters and get his chance at redemption, because the last time we see him is in season 6 and he just ditches Finn for power. Share opinions below
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The scariest episode

Hey guy! Which episode you think it’s the scariest in the show?
For me top 3 episode are
1.No one can hear you
2.Blank eye girl
How about you guy?
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Favorite ship?

I would like to hear everyone’s favorite ship.
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Future of the Candy People/Kingdom

I was just thinking how if the Candy Kingdom of the future is abandoned, what happened to Aunt Lolly? Why would it just be abandoned in the first place? Maybe Neddy died, making it so the Candy People can't live without their candy juice, their equivalent of water? PB's hands were shown behind the Ice Thing's prison bars in the series finale intro sequence, so we know she's still alive, but what happened to the Candy People? Didn't Bubblegum have that backup kingdom plan in space from the episode "High Strangeness"? So why ain't she up in space ruling their butts? Maybe Lolly ditched PB and jacked her space backup kingdom? I just wanna hear what you guys think/theorize...
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Comic storylines

What storylines would you like the comics to cover/create.
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"Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon" Coming in 2019
"Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon" Coming in 2019 YouTube
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Come Along With Me Soundtrack

This post has two halves! The first half is about the vinyl of the series finale soundtrack that is being made by Mondo at the mondotees website. I had placed a preorder for it back in August and I just received a notification that it would be shipping soon. And I wondered if anyone would be interested in me posting pictures of the vinyl whenever it arrives!

The second half of this post is about the soundtrack itself. It has been up on iTunes and other music distributors for a while now, and I was wondering if anyone has listened to it yet? If so what were your thoughts?

It is a really nice soundtrack with the entire musical score of the episode, my favorite piece of score music is probably Sun Cycles. One flaw in the soundtrack, however, is that Time Adventure sounds different. In many places it feels like the music greatly overpowers the voices. And I think that if they wanted the music to be heard by itself, then it should have been a separate track because it makes the listening to the song a little less emotional in my opinion. It does, however, have the ending of the song that you can barely hear in the background of the episode, so that’s nice!
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Characters I expected to die in the finale

I expected a crap load of people to die in the finale, so was surprised when only Fern died, as I expected him to join up with the good guys and adventure with Finn and Jake. I only knew BMO would survive, since he was telling the gum war story. Here it is:

Princess Bubblegum

Lumpy Space Princess



Ice King


I really, really expected Ricardio to die, getting killed by PB. I know, crazy.

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# keep it alive

its up to us to keep this fandom alive. do it for baby finn

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Just a little callback thing, I was thinking about his character lately.(or I just wanted to title something rattleballs lol)
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This weeks weekly post

Hey guys and gals bmo is back with a new weeks weekly post. So I had this idea that’s every weeks yours truly would write a post about what happened that week like if I did any new drawings or got any new comic books etc etc. so here’s what happened this week (I’ll also include pics) I got some radical AT comic books like bmos dance club a sdcc new York one a sdcc exclusive screen queens and another sdcc exclusive. Later in the week I was teetering over a mountain in my mind so what did I decide to do SKETCH da. I sketched the 20k spooktacular cover and the Marceline seeing red cover (one of my personal favorites) ENJOY.
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Which Lemongrab?

  • Lemongrab 1
  • Lemongrab 2
  • Lemongrab 3
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Finished drawing the 2017 Spooktacular cover

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For Better Characters

So here's a thought: which character (or maybe characters) would you have liked to see developed more. Perhaps you'd even like to have seen the character go through a different character arc. I have way too many of these to post here, but I'd like to hear other people's opinions.
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Congratulations Everyone!

Congrats everyone,we have recently hit a total of 3,000 pages on the wiki,this is amazing!

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