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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Adventure Time: Summer Special 2013 Issue 1 is an Adventure Time comic released by BOOM! Studios.


Put on that sunscreen and grab your beach towel, because it’s an ADVENTURE TIME summer special! Featuring all new sunkissed stories from acclaimed creators, starring Finn, Jake and all of your favorites and showcasing a fully painted cover by Becky Dreistadt!


Desert Treasure

Finn and Jake make a lemonade stand in the desert to earn money for a toll to enter a secret tunnel and find a desert treasure. They make the lemonade using cactus blossoms and lots of sugar. All potential customers demand their money back when they find out that the lemonade is warm. Ice King arrives and freezes their lemonade when they refuse to sell him any. A man pays Finn and Jake a bunch of cash for their "ice pops". Finn and Jake go home, deciding that they don't need the desert treasure now because they're rich.

The Sucker Seeker

Finn finds a bird stuck in his underwear drawer and decides to keep him for a while because he won't go outside. Two weeks later, Jake is missing his teapot, Finn is missing his pants, and BMO is missing his calzones. They discover that the bird has taken these things and ask him to leave. The bird screams that it isn't fair as it reveals that it is really a sucker seeker. Jake explains that these creatures leech off people they think are suckers, and that their only weakness is democracy. They all vote to kick him out, and he is forced to leave. Jake explains that he has "had a bunch of roommates and like ninety percent of them were leeches in disguise."


Marceline notices Princess Bubblegum walking by the entrance to her cave. She secretly follows her and discovers that Princess Bubblegum is looking for a crystal growing from a tree. After finding the crystal and trying to remove the crystal, she eventually gives up and falls asleep, deciding to try again tomorrow. While she sleeps, Marceline bites the tree branch off, places it over Princess Bubblegum, and quietly leaves.

A Penny Burned

Fionna and Cake clean Tree Stumps' (analogous to Tree Trunks) yard to earn money to attend the Heroes and Adventurers Caucus. Upon arriving at the ticket booth, they discover that no girls are allowed. They dress as boys, sneak in and soon meet a young boy who tells them about his favorite hero, who is sitting at a booth nearby eating pizza. The boy begins kissing his feet, and when Fionna and Cake encourage him to stop, the hero demands that he continue. Fionna knocks the table onto the hero and reveals that she is a girl, exclaiming "We're women and better than everybody!"


Desert Treasure

The Sucker Seeker


A Penny Burned



Comic pages and panels

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