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Description Edit

Finn and Jake on Epic Oooland Adventure to Find Magic Stones and Save Candy Kingdom! Meet and Run with All Your Favorite Adventure Time Characters on Your Phone. Collect and Evolve Unique Treasures for Your Awesome Characters. This is now Adventure Time! Start Running!!!

Characters Edit

Name Character Skill
Finn the Human Adventure Time! - Increases duration when inside portals
Finn the Blacksmith
Finn the Sleepy
Finn the Dapper
Finn the Scuba Diver
Jake the Dog Rolling Master - Increases speed when rolling
Jake the Thief Double Jump - Reduces cool down time to use double jump
Witty - Minimizes time lost in Rush Portals with collision
Jake the Milkman
Jake the Captain
Jake the Scuba Diver
Princess Bubblegum (PB) Genome Project - Increases effect of HP recovery items
Lab Coat PB
Marceline the Vampire Queen Lucky Flight - Increases coins earned during jump pad flight
Sweater Marceline
Vampire Queen Marceline
Sun Hat Marceline
Rockstar Marceline
Flame Princess Ice and Fire - Increases bonus score for all badges
Flame of Warmth -
Casual Flame Princess
Summer Dress Flame Princess
King Flame Princess
Earl of Lemongrab UNACCEPTABLE! -
Lemon Candy! - Changes all obstacles to Lemons
Lemongrab 2
Date Night Lemongrab
Torn Dress Fionna

Treasure Edit

Name Rarity
Royal Tart Legendary
Margaret's Music Box Legendary
Broadsword Epic
Root Sword Rare
Sword Rare
Double Jake Coin Common
Jake's Sandwich Common

Inventory Edit

Name Rarity Usage
Ooo Material N/A N/A
Boomerang Bottle Legendary Evolve Treasures
Lich's Green Flame Legendary Evolve Treasures
Nightosphere Essence Legendary Evolve Treasures
Catalyst Comet Epic Evolve Treasures
Bug Milk Rare Evolve Treasures
Softy Cheese Tin Rare Evolve Treasures
The Ooo Review Epic Evolve Treasures
Unknown Seeds Rare Evolve Treasures
Delicious Apple Common Evolve Treasures
Computer Parts Common Evolve Treasures
Finn Character Pieces Common Upgrade Skills
Jake Character Pieces Common Upgrade Skills
PB Character Pieces Common Upgrade Skills

Chests Edit

Normal Free Treasure DrawEdit

Buddies Edit

Name Skill
Flambo Badge Score Increased
Manfried Speed Increased
Tree Trunks Total Health Increased
Slime Princess Badge Score Increased
Omo Total Health Increased
Bee Princess Speed Increased

Trivia Edit