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The production staff of Adventure Time.


Creator - Pendleton Ward

Executive Producers - Fred Seibert, Rob Swartz (Season 1), Derek Drymon (Season 1), Rob Sorcher, Curtis Lelash

Producer - Kelly Crews

Story Editor - Mark Banker, Craig Lewis, Merriwether Williams

Creative Directors - Adam Muto, Nate Cash, Nick Jennings

Staff Writers - Kent Osborne, Patrick McHale

Storyboard Supervisor - Nate Cash

Supervising Director - Larry Leichliter

Sheet Timers - Don Judge, Michel Lyman, Richard Collado, Christine Kolosov, Russell Calabrese, Bob Nesler, Jamie Mitchell, Rob Renzetti

Production Manager - Keith Mack

Production Coordinator - Dick Grunert

Production Assistants - Patrick Seery, David C. Smith, Joseph Game

Lead Character and Prop Designer - Phil Rynda (Seasons 1 - 3), Andy Ristaino (Season 3 - Current)

Character and Prop Designers - Michelle Xin, Michael DeForge

Character and Prop Design Clean Up - Alex Campos, Mike Collins

Background Designers - Ghostshrimp, Santino Lascano, Derek Hunter

Background Painters - Martin Ansolabehere, Ron Russell, Sue Mondt

Color Stylists - Catherine E. Simmonds, Ron Russell, Simon Simmonds, Sandra Calleros

Animatic Editors - Oliver Akuin, Greg Levitan, Andy Tauke

Animatic Scanner - Tammy List

Storyboard Revisions - Natasha Allegri, Skyler Page, Robert Ryan Cory, Steve Wolfhard

Storyboard Artists- Benton Connor, Armen Mirzaian, Elizabeth Ito, Skyler Page, Luther McLaurin, Jesse Moynihan, Sean Jimenez

Voice Director - Collette Sunderman, Keythe Farley (Season 1)

Recording Studio Managing - Karie Gima Pham

Sound Recording Engineer - Robert Serda

Supervising Editor - Paul Douglas

Dialogue Editor - Krandal Crews

Director Production Technology - Antonio Gonella

Composers - Casey James Basichis, Timothy Keiffer

Music Editor - Nick Carr

Main Title Song - Pendleton Ward, Casey James Basichis

End Credit Song - Ashley Eriksson

Foley Recording Mixer - Robert Crew

Post Production Sound Studio - Sabre Media Studios

Supervising Sound Editors - Tom Syslo, Timothy Borquez

Sound Editor - Tony Orozco

Sound Re-recording Mixers - Eric Freeman, Timothy Borquez

Post-production Supervisor - Tony Tedford

Post-production Coordinator - Alicia Parkinson

Machine Room Operator - Chris Hoetger

Animation Checking - Sandy Benenati, Vicki Casper

Track Reading - Slightly Off Track

Production Estimator - Cecilia Rheins

Series Executive - Conrad Montgomery

Overseas Production Facilities - Rough Draft Korea Co. Ltd., Saerom Animation Inc.

Overseas Directors - Dong-kun Won, Bonghui Han

Frederator Studios

Associate Producer - Eric Homan

Supervising Producer - Kevin Kolde

Executive Producer - Fred Seibert

Cartoon Network Studios

Executive Producers - Brian A. Miller, Jennifer Pelphrey


Pendleton Ward

Adam Muto

Rebecca Sugar

Ako Castuera

Tom Herpich

Kent Osborne

Somvilay Xayaphone

Cole Sanchez

Jesse Moynihan

Bert Youn

Skyler Page

Thurop Van Orman

JG Quintel

David C. Smith

Ian Jones-Quartey

Phil Rynda

Voice Actors

The voice actors for the main characters.

Finn - Jeremy Shada

Jake - John DiMaggio

Ice King - Tom Kenny

Princess Bubblegum - Hynden Walch

Marceline - Olivia Olson

Lumpy Space Princess - Pendleton Ward

Lady Rainicorn, BMO - Niki Yang

Various characters

Maria Bamford

Dee Bradley Baker



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