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This article is about the Adventure Time activity books. You may be looking for the comic series.

There are a number of books based on the TV series Adventure Time. So far, the only books are "Adventure Time Mad Libs," "It’s a Slamacowtastic Story Mix-Up," "Righteous Rules for Being Awesome," "Dude-It-Yourself Adventure Journal," "Get Your Lump On With Lumpy Space Princess," "Finn & Jake's Awesome Activities On The Go," "BMO's Day Out," and "Get On The Mic!"

Righteous Rules for Being Awesome

Righteous Rules for Being Awesome was released on October 11, 2012.


With Righteous Rules for Being Awesome, you no longer have to worry about being a smooth poser. This awesome guide to living life the Adventure Time way promises to make all who read it a lot more righteous and a heck of a lot less wrongteous.


  • In the Friendship topic of Righteous Rules for Being Awesome, instead of Fire Wolf pup it said "Ice Wolf Pup."

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