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Alva is the first human Finn encounters on the islands. She is introduced in the episode "Mysterious Island."


She is tanned and short statured with curly white hair and big ears. She wears a pink hat and robe and is very old as the time has passed by.


She is a grandmotherly-type of person who speaks Swedish, so Finn was not able to effectively communicate with her; they relied on gestures and drawings. The weather on the island she lives on features abnormal weather patterns.

There's little to know about her personality since she does not speak the same language as Finn and Jake. From the movie she was watching with Finn, it shows that she cared deeply for her human friends who disappeared or were eaten by the creatures on the island. She's the only survivor, being able to use technology and her instincts to accomplish this.


She has the ability to tame big creatures such as a gigantic parrot or her bear mascot Albert who helps her when she is in need.

She also has access to very advanced human technology, including energy shields that allow her to survive the violent storms on the island.


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