"Angel Face" is the seventeenth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred eighteenth episode overall.


BMO convinces its friends to join it in a live action cowboy role-playing game.


BMO is making cheese omelettes out of eggs and cheddar with faces on them, then creating sentient sandwiches, which allures Jake from his sleep to the kitchen. Jake wants to eat them, but BMO gives him the condition that he must serve as its steed for the day, as it is eager to go on a real-life role-playing adventure as its cowboy alias, "Angel Face". At first, Jake doesn't want to, but reluctantly agrees for a price of one sandwich per hour. BMO gets into some cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat, while Jake takes the form of a horse, to which BMO says that he isn't even trying to mimic a horse.

BMO and Jake venture towards the forest, where crudely drawn wanted posters for "Jack Rabbit Johnson", who is really just Finn with two eye-patches. Finn is somewhere in the desert in that costume, eating sentient sandwiches that BMO probably made for him before making Jake's. BMO narrates his story while Jake complains that the spurs on BMO's boot hurt his sides when BMO kicks him. BMO ignores him, stating that horses don't talk.

As they depart, another bounty hunter appears and picks up the poster and seems interested. Jake becomes tired as they near the edge of the forest. BMO begins to sing as they encounter the Fox, four little piglets, and a sentient cactus near a rock, whom all receive sentient sandwiches from BMO as it rides on. Jake returns to his normal form before eating another sentient sandwich and re-forming into his poor horse imitation.

They come across a small town, Dead Goat Gulch, made out of cardboard and socks. They are ambushed by sock puppet villains that BMO fights. While tackling the sock puppets, BMO destroys most of the cardboard box buildings and "interrogates" two sock puppets before questioning an evil pair of briefs. BMO finishes destroying the town as Jake goes to town on the bag full of sandwiches.

Neptr, role-playing as "Tumbleweed Turk", Jack Rabbit Johnson's henchman, emerges from the rubble and asks BMO why it destroyed his town that took him three months to make, which he had apparently agreed to do for BMO in exchange for one Finn Cake. BMO, not breaking immersion, smacks Neptr while interrogating him about the whereabouts of Jack Rabbit Johnson. Neptr doesn't understand but plays along and runs off towards the direction of Finn.

Meanwhile, Finn is asleep as the other bounty hunter finds and takes him. BMO wants to make camp for the night, though Jake says he doesn't want to play anymore now that it is nearing night time. BMO still wants to keep going on its adventure and uses BMO as a compass, but BMO doesn't know which direction the house is in. They press on in the direction Neptr went.

BMO and Jake soon find the fire that the other bounty hunter made for the night. They hide as the bountry hunter goes over his list of being kicked out of the Guild of Assassins, finding the wanted criminal, and his unchecked to-do of getting revenge on Finn and Jake. The bounty hunter reveals herself to be Me-Mow to "Jack Rabbit Johnson," unaware that he is really Finn.

Jake pops up and asks if Finn is okay, which surprises Me-Mow, who feels tricked. BMO kicks Jake again with the spurred boot and Jake transforms into a much more authentic looking horse. BMO pulls out a laser gun and fires at Me-Mow. Jake is suprised by the fact that BMO has a real gun. Me-Mow uses a blow-dart gun to fire snakes at them. BMO, still in character, says that he will be the one to collect the bounty. BMO fires into the fire, which ricochets the laser shots to Finn's hands which are tied with rope. The rope burns off as Finn frees himself to pick up a large rock and hit Me-Mow with it, knocking her out.

In the Candy Dungeon, Me-Mow is placed in a regular holding cell, but is given an upgraded free-hanging clear case cell in a more secure prison. Me-Mow screams revenge as they leave. Finn asks BMO if all the wanted posters are taken down, just as a candy citizen approaches him to capture him. BMO scares him off, stating it already captured him.


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  • Me-Mow has grown tremendously since her debut in "Jake vs. Me-Mow."
  • The Statue of Liberty's arm (holding the torch) is sticking out of the sand as Jake and BMO head to Dead Goat Gulch.
  • BMO states that it is old enough to vote after Jake asks him about having a real gun on it.

Cultural references 

  • According to Jack Pendarvis, the name "Angel Face" is a reference to the 1953 film Angel Face.
  • The Statue of Liberty's arm in Dead Goat Gulch is a possible homage to the ending of the 1968 film, Planet of the Apes.

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  • This episode leaked online before its intended air date.

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  • When Jake opens his mouth to eat the pile of Special Sentient Sandwiches, his nose is white for a frame.


This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.



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