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Balthus is a Fire Elemental that first appears in the episode "Evergreen." He, along with Chatsberry and Slimy D, were the main opponents to Evergreen's proposal to prevent the destruction of life on the planet. He was later reincarnated as Flame Princess.


Balthus is a one-eyed humanoid with a right hand that resembles a crab's pincer. He wears embroidered, metallic briefs and has wild dark crimson hair and beard. The elemental's chestnut-colored body is thin and wrinkled, making him appear very old.

Personality and traits

Like his elemental peer Chatsberry, Balthus is careful and logical when making decisions. He opposes Evergreen's plan of creating a magical crown to stop the comet as he believed that it would risk the stability of the structure of existence. Although Balthus is not afraid of going against what he thought to be wrong, he was not strong enough to avoid becoming encased in a block of ice by Evergreen.


  • Unlike other fire elementals seen in the series, Balthus does not feature any flames on his body.

Cultural references

  • Balthus' body is possibly a combination of the main characters from the T.V show Futurama: Fry's red and spiked hair, Leela's cyclops eye, Zoidberg's lobster claw, Professor Farnsworth's old, wrinkly body, and Bender's metal crotch.


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