This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Belly of the Beast" from season 2, which aired on April 4, 2011.

Tree Fort
Grass Lands
Inside the Monster
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[The episode begins at the Tree Fort, where Finn and Jake are sleeping. Suddenly, their whole room starts shaking and they wake up.]
Finn: [tiredly] What's shakin'?
Jake: I-I don't know. I think I'm still asleep
Finn: What if I'm still asleep?
Jake: Then we're sharin' the same dream, dude. [points] Look out your window!
[Finn sees a monster outside his window. It roars and fireworks shoot out of its mouth.]
Finn: Aah! Dream monster!
[Finn and Jake get out of bed and walk to the window. They see the monster roar, punch the ground, and run into the forest.]
Finn: Quick, let's go enjoy this dream before we wake up!
[They run outside while cheering and run up to the monster, who starts punching the ground around them.]
Finn & Jake: [holding hands and dancing in a circle] ♫ Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream...♪
[The monster roars and kicks Jake into the distance.]
Jake: Whoaaaaa!
Finn: ... [continues singing] Dreamy, dream, dream...
Jake: [stretches back to Finn] Hey, man, I don't think this is a dream.
Finn: Hmm? [looks up at monster]
[The monster roars and fireworks shoot out of its mouth.]
Finn: Oh, well, then it's time to get real. [takes out Root Sword]
[Finn starts hacking at the monster with his sword while Jake punches it. The monster tries to grab and punch them but misses. They stop fighting when they hear a voice from inside the monster.]
Voice: Help! Somebody help! Help! Help me! Help me!
Finn: The monster ate somebody! We have to go inside its guts!
Jake: [digusted] Ughhhh, monster guts.
[The monster roars as fireworks shoot out of his mouth. It starts pulling up trees and stuffing them in its mouth. Finn and Jake grab onto one of the trees and the monster swallows them. They land in its stomach.]
Jake: [stepping in something squishy] Bleh.
Voice: Help! Somebody help!
Finn: Hyup! [jumps toward voice and slides down a wet slope]
Jake: [sliding behind him] Eeeeeeee!
[They slide down to a little ditch and Jake falls into a puddle.]
Jake: Ohhhhh. It's gross!
Finn: [laughs]
[Behind Finn in the distance is a bear, which turns out to be source of the voice.]
Bear: Help!
Finn: [running to bear] C'mon!
Bear: Help! Help me... hang these streamers! [takes out streamers]
Finn & Jake: What?!
Bear: It's not a party without streamers! ♫ Doot-doot-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo ♪
Finn: Dude, this isn't a party! We gotta get you outta here!
[Finn picks up the bear but it evades his grasp and climbs on his back.]
Finn: Jake, help me!
[Fireworks are heard nearby and their light flashes on Finn and Jake]
Bear: It's starting! [running to fireworks] Hehehehehehe!
[Finn and Jake follow the bear into a large room with hundreds of dancing bears. Fireworks explode overhead and loud dance music plays.]
Finn: These crazy bears don't know they're in danger!
Jake: Well... we should go.
Finn: Jake, wait. We have to help them.
Jake: They're partying! They're fine.
Finn: [sighs] Okay, Jake, what happens when you eat food?
Jake: Well, it goes into your stomach...
Finn: Yeah...?
Jake: ...and then it stays there for a bit, and then it turns into—[gasps] They're all gonna turn into... the stuff!
Finn: [walks up to a bear] [talking over loud music] Hey, excuse me! Excuse me! I don't know how you don't know this, but y'all are partyin' in a monster's stomach!
Bear: Thanks! I love dancing!
Finn: No! [using hand signals] Y'ALL... are PARTYIN'... in a MONSTER'S... STOMACH!
Other bear: [points] IT'S OVER THERE!
Someone off screen: Hey...
[Finn and Jake turn to see a small bear dancing towards them.]
Cubby: I'm Cubby.
Finn: Hi, Cubby.
Jake: What's goin' on?
Cubby: I heard what you said... about this being a monster's belly? I've been telling everyone that for three days!
Finn: Why won't they listen?
Cubby: 'Cause I'm just a kid!
Older bear: Cubby! Are you bothering these guys with your fantasy stories?
Cubby: No! I wasn't! I swear! I'm dancing, see? SEE?! [dances faster]
Older bear: Hmm... [dances away]
Finn: Cubby, is there anything we can do to help?
Cubby: You could talk to Party Pat.
Finn: Party Pat?
Cubby: He's our chief. If you can convince him to leave, all will follow.
Finn: Can you take us to him?
Cubby: Sure. He sleeps on the monster's heart. It's like a blood waterbed.
[They follow Cubby away from the party.]
Cubby: This is as far as I go. Party Pat is right around this corner. Bye, you guys!
Finn: Bye, Cubby!
Jake: Bye!
[They look around the corner and see a tall bear lying on a heart staring at them.]
Finn: Uhh... we're lookin' for Party Pat?
[The bear pulls a chain with his foot, lighting up the neon sign above him that reads "Party Pat."]
Finn: Oh, uh... [walks up to him] Well, listen. I know you don't know us, sir, but we need to talk.
Party Pat: [snaps his fingers and approaches them]
Finn: It's pretty important, actually—
Party Pat: [placing his finger over Finn's mouth] Shhh-sh-sh-sh-shhhh. You know who I am?
Finn: You're Party Pat?
Party Pat: [shakes his head] I'm the chief.
Finn: Riiiight... right.
Jake: You're the chief.
Party Pat: [places his finger over both their mouths] Shhhh... before you talk to the chief, you must party with the chief.
Finn: But—!
Party Pat: It is the only way.
[Montage begins with Finn, Jake, and Party Pat getting some drinks, watching Party Pat break dance, eating pancakes, and signing "Bears." The montage ends, the bears cheer, and Finn and Jake pant trying to catch their breath.]
Jake: Dude, we've been partyin' for hours.
Finn: [panting] Yeah, he keeps drinking those honey-flavored energy drinks.
[They see Party Pat getting another three drinks.]
Finn: How's your nausea?
Jake: Full-blown.
Finn: Hang in there, pal. [walks over to Party Pat] Hey, Party Pat. You're the chief, and I totes respect that... but what we have to tell you is really important. And you said if we partied, we could talk.
Party Pat: But you haven't been partying.
Finn: What?!
Party Pat: You move to music, but that's not dancing. You chew pancakes, but you're not tasting. To truly party, one must leave behind the problems that are troubling [puts hands on forehead] and open one's [moves hands away, revealing a third eye] mind eye. [beat] I'm just kiddin'. You guys are party animals. [points to third eye] This is just a sticker! [peels it off] You can stay in our cave as long as you want.
Finn: That's what I've been trying to tell you, man! This isn't a cave—y'all are partyin' in a monster's BELLY!
Party Pat: [looks around] Oh, yeah. That makes sense. It's definitely the weirdest cave I've ever seen. Heh heh.
Finn: So... you'll tell everyone to leave?
Party Pat: Nah, we love it here.
Finn: But you're all gonna die if you stay!
Party Pat: [sighs] [picks up a microphone] Attention. Attention, everybody. Can I have your attention, please? [bears stop dancing] So... apparently we're not in a cave.
[Bears murmur ("What did he say? I always thought we were in a cave").]
Party Pat: We're in a... MONSTER'S BELLY!
[Bears resume dancing]
Party Pat: [shrugs, drops the microphone, and backs away]
[Finn frowns and Jake wraps his arm around him and rubs his forehead to comfort him. They walk into the monster's mouth and look out at the sunset.]
Jake: It's kinda peaceful.
[The monster is shown sitting on the edge of a cliff looking sad.]
Monster: [sighs]
Finn: All those bears... are gonna turn into the stuff.
Jake: [puts his finger over Finn's mouth] Shh. Seriously? The only foreseeable threat might be all these trees being swallowed, but they're not hurtin' nothin'.
Finn: Yeah, good thing he isn't swallowing some deadly volcano lava. That would kill them for sure.
[The monster stands up and starts walking towards a volcano]
Finn & Jake: Whoaa.
Finn: The monster is headed toward that volcano!
Monster: Uh-huh.
Finn: We gotta warn the bears!
[They run back to the party where the bears are still dancing.]
Finn: If we bum everyone out, maybe they'll listen to us.
Jake: Oh, okay.
[Finn and Jake climb onstage and take two microphones.]
Finn: Just follow my lead.
[They sing "The Stuff Song" as the bears dance more and more slowly and eventually stop.]
Finn: You bears gotta get outta here or you're all gonna be melted by lava!
[Lava starts creeping into the room and bears scream.]
Finn: Party Pat, do you know of another exit?
Party Pat: Well, there's the dark and mysterious mine, but nobody uses it anymore.
[Bears snicker.]
Finn: [to Jake] He must be talkin' about the butt intestines! C'mon, Jake, we gotta get outta here!
Jake: [disgusted] Ehhhhh.
[Finn, Jake, Party Pat, and all the bears start running away from the lava. They approach an opening and look back to see the lava following close behind.]
[The scene cuts to Finn getting a band-aid ready for application with several burns on his clothes and body.]
Finn: One more bandage.
[Finn puts band-aid on a bear. The camera zooms, showing all the bears with burns, bandages, or crutches.]
Finn: Huzzah! The party bears are safe, Party Pat. Y'all can party out here now.
[Bears complain.]
Party Pat: No. To survive, my people need a phat party club to grind in. That monster's gut was totally excellent.
Jake: You're sick, Party Pat. I'm gonna go watch TV. [walks off]
Finn: Hmmm. [looks at monster]
Monster: [rubbing his tongue] Ohh...
Finn: Pat, he's not gonna let you back in his mouth. You scorched it all up with fireworks! Unless... Party Pat! [whispers in Party Pat's ear] Party... pancakes.
Party Pat: [gasps] [walks to monster] Hear me, monster. My people and I wish to party inside you once more. Prithee take us upon thine gut and we shall party no more with fireworks but instead [takes out a laser] with gentle lasers!
[Bears cheer and take out lasers, shining them at the sky. The monster puts them in his mouth and swallows them. He opens his mouth and lasers shoot out. He gives Finn a thumbs-up.]
Finn: Hey, Jake. [runs after Jake] Wait up!

Episode ends