The Bikini babes first appeared in "Shh!". They were invited by BMO to come to the Tree Fort and dance to the song "No Wonder I". They later appear in the episode "Breezy" outside the Tree Fort.


The Bikini Babes are humanoids with the appearance of conventionally attractive young human females with turquoise-tinted skin and black dot eyes. Each wears a different two-piece bikini (with the exception of one), are barefoot and have different hairstyles, while some wear sunglasses or bows in their hair. Their voices are soft and sweetly lilting.


Bikini Babes possess the ability to dance, though awkwardly, and to fly by placing their hands at their sides and flapping them up and down. Given their ability to fly, they are light in weight. And while they are very athletic, they're only somewhat skilled in hand-to-hand combat but good at beach volleyball. At least one possesses some musical ability and can play the maracas. They are proficient partiers.

List of Bikini Babes

Notice: The following screen caps are low quality compared to the original broadcast, so some of the skin colors are off by comparison.


  • When the roof collapses, a Babe with a spotted bikini is seen falling through. She is there when the Babes begin to attack but afterward she is no longer present during the conflict or at the episode's end.


Bikini Babe Battle Adventure Time Cartoon Network

Bikini Babe Battle Adventure Time Cartoon Network

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