This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Bonnie and Neddy" from season 7, which aired on November 2, 2015.

Candy Kingdom
This transcript is incomplete.


[In the Candy Kingdom, King of Ooo's blimp is seen docked at Princess Bubblegum's castle.]
Finn: Yeow!
Toronto: Whoops.
[Toronto is holding a sword. Finn rubs a cut on his head.]
King of Ooo: And I dub thee Sir Jake the Dog.
[Toronto lightly taps Jake's shoulder with sword.]
King of Ooo: You two now comprise the royal guard of the one true princess of Ooo. That's me! [winks] As such, you may no longer own property or operate children and must render all treasure and wives unto your sworn princess within a hangman's fortnight.
Jake: [scoffs] Joke's on you, man. We spent all our treasure the other day. Plus, don't even have any wives.
Finn: Wait, what? What about Lady?
Jake: Lady's my girlfriend.
Finn: Wait, but...
Jake: That was Tree Trunks.
Finn: Oh, yeah.
King of Ooo: We, the inhabitants of Ooo, owe you heroes our very lives. As the once powerful and dignified Princess Bubblegum sulked off into exile, it fell upon you two to save us from the impending comet of doom and/or from the hideous Orgalorg, who aimed to eat the powerful comet and grow invincible! And for that, we are eternally grateful.
Toronto: I know I am.
King of Ooo: But now your bravery is essential to a new heroic task! Can you guess what it is?
Finn: Uh...
King of Ooo: Come on. Guess!
Finn: Um... Fight a—Fight a dragon?
King of Ooo: Wrong! Follow me.