This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Breezy" from season 6, which aired on June 5, 2014.

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[The episode starts in the Candy Kingdom Hospital.]
Doctor Princess: [Examining Finn's arm] Hmm....
Finn: What is it?
Doctor Princess: It's looking droopier.
Finn: But I've been pounding pickle juice like I was preggos. For the electrolytes.
Doctor Princess: Well, switch back to water. But what I really want to know, is how are you feeling Finn?
Finn: What? Oh, I don't know. [imitates trumpet tooting], I guess I don't feel anything. Bleh. [slides off the bed]
Doctor Princess: Okay, that's what I thought. You gotta bounce back, man. You got burned by your bad dad, you lost your arm, and all the ladies say you don't talk to Flame Princess no more.
Finn: Who's sayin' that?
Doctor Princess: Finn, flowers thrive on good vibes. As your doctor, I'm ordering you to go out and have fun, okay?
Finn: You want to go with me to Crab Princess' party tonight?
Doctor Princess: Uh, what? Like... as a date?
Finn: Sure. That would be fun, right?
Doctor Princess: Finn, I don't date my patients.
Finn: It's cool. Guess I'll go make out with Crab Princess.
Doctor Princess: Okay. Tell her I said "hi".
[Finn walks through the forest and starts singing "Lost in the Darkness/Love."]
Finn: ♪I'm lost in the darkness, what will this bring? Autumn descends on me,Autumn♪
[Breezy buzzes in, sees the flower on Finn's arm and sings along.]
Breezy: ♪What do I see? Oh, so beautiful. My heart it beats. Oh, so magical.♪
Finn: ♪I'm lost in the darkness, what will this bring?♪
[Scene cuts to Crab Princess' beach party. Princess Bubblegum plays dance music. Finn is sitting on a log.]
Finn: [Sighs]
[Everyone is dancing. Crab Princess accidentally hits Lumpy Space Princess.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Aah! Watch it, Crab Princess!
Crab Princess: I'm sorry.
Lumpy Space Princess: You ain't my man, so why are you all up in my lumps?!
Raggedy Princess: [Grunts as she attempts to drink] Hey, Finn, could you pour this juice into my mouth?
Finn: What? Pfft! [Breezy flies past Finn's face] Aah!
Raggedy Princess: I can't reach my juice.
Finn: [Shaking off Breezy from his arm] Yo, come on bee! Geez!
Breezy: Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize—
Finn: Didn't realize what? That there's a person attached to this flower?
Breezy: Uh, yes. I'm sorry. But it's only because your flower's the greatest miracle of all time. It's just doing something to me, I—[tears up]
Finn: Oh, that's cool. Thanks, beezy.
Breezy: My name's Breezy.
Raggedy Princess: [muffled] Never mind, Finn. [The cup is on her mouth. She laughs and spits the cup away, then runs away laughing.]
Breezy: So uh, what are you doing here? Heh.
Finn: Ah, well, I came here to make out with Crab Princess, but I sort of lost steam on the walk over. [Breezy stares intensely at Finn's flower] I don't know what crabs are into. I'm just gonna stop trying and let my flower wilt away. Who cares?
Breezy: I'll try for you, man.
Finn: Whoa! Really?
Breezy: Yeah! I'm gonna help you, friend.
[Breezy buzzes towards Crab and Emerald Princess and sits on Emerald Princess' gem, eavesdropping on their conversation.]
Crab Princess: Hey, Emerald Princess, you know what would blow this party up?
Emerald Princess: What?
Crab Princess: If we all got in a line and just showed off our moves.
[Breezy buzzes away back to Finn.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Yeah! Do it! Oh, my glob! Aah ha ha! Haa!
[Finn starts dancing in front of everyone. Crab Princess blushes. The scene cuts to Finn and Crab Princess alone by the shore.]
Crab Princess: Thanks for walking me home, Finn. I'd invite you over, but you can't breathe underwater, right?
Finn: Not usually, but can I have a kiss, please?
Crab Princess: Uh, okay...
[Crab Princess gives Finn a kiss.]
Finn: Okay. Good night, Crab Princess.
Crab Princess: Good night, Finn! [giggles, gurgles]
[Crab Princess swims back to her kingdom underwater. Breezy appears on Finn's hat.]
Breezy: Hey, you did it!
Finn: Oh, you're still here.
Breezy: Yeah, [chuckles] just checking in... on my buddy. So, how you feelin', buddy?
Finn: Pretty grease. I made out with Crab Princess, so that's grease. But really I don't feel nothing. Maybe if I made out, I will feel something? Maybe I'll reach a "good vibe" saturation point. And then my flower will feel good, too...
[Breezy is now on Finn's flower.]
Breezy: Your flower feels good, yes.
[Finn shakes Breezy off his flower.]
Finn: [laughs] Hey, cut it out, Breezy.
Breezy: Ha ha! I'm just messin' around. We're buddies, right?
Finn: Yeah, Breezy, I like you. You're a good wingman.
Breezy: Yeah, wingman. I'm a girl, but all right! Let's wingman you some make-outs!
[Scene cuts to the Finn and Breezy running towards Lizard Princess' Kingdom. Horn plays softly. Scene cuts to inside of the kingdom where Lizard Princess plays a trumpet.]
Lizard Princess: [Sighs]
Finn: [Whispering]
[Breezy pushes Finn towards Lizard Princess. Finn takes trumpet and plays a tune.]
Lizard Princess: [rattling]
[Lizard Princess gives Finn a kiss. Upbeat music plays. They both start dancing as Finn plays the tune. Scene cuts to the inside of Muscle Princess' Kingdom. Music continues. Finn, Muscle Princess and a candy citizen are dancing. Finn waves the flower arm around. Breezy gives Finn towel which Finn gives to Muscle Princess to wipe her sweat off. Candy citizen pours water all over herself. Muscle Princess and Finn kiss.]
Muscle Princess: [Giggles]
[Music stops, scene changes. Jake is seen windsurfing.]
Jake: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!
[Surfboard crashes to change to a scene near tree fort. Many Princesses and other ladies talking near tree fort. Scene changes to Jake going inside to see Finn with an unknown Princess.]
Jake: [Chuckles]
Finn: What's up with your head?
Jake: Eh, I'm trying something new. Hey, how's it going, miss...?
Frozen Yogurt Princess: Frozen Yogurt Princess.
Jake: Whoa. You're a dead ringer for Flame Princess, with a smidge of Princess Bubblegum mixed in. [To Finn] Guess you're still hung up on both of 'em, bro.
Finn: [Flips the table in front of him angrily] I ain't hung up on nobody! Nobody. Breezy, let's get out of here.
Breezy: Okay.
[They both leave the tree fort. The scene changes to Breezy and Finn walking outside.]
Finn: She doesn't look anything like Flame Princess, does she?
Breezy: I don't know who that is.
Finn: Exactly. [Finn sits, leaning on a log.] I'm just trying to have fun. You know, doctor's orders. But I still ain't feelin' nothing. [sighs] maybe I should just let this poor flower die.
Breezy: Noooo... Listen, buddy, being a free spirit is fun and all, but you got a responsibility to that flower, just like I got a responsibility. Get this—I'm actually a virgin queen bee. I was born to lead a hive, destined for a life of obligation and ritual.
Finn: Whoa. Bummer.
Breezy: Yes. Once I drink of the royal jelly, my carefree days are done.
Finn: Dang. That sounds like raw deez. Breezy, you got to stay free... Free to make out with whatevs. [Finn jumps up]
Breezy: Yeah, maybe you're right. You know, it's too bad we're such great buddies or we could make out with each other. [chuckles]
Finn: What?
Breezy: Uh, nothing. Come on, pal! Lets run and be free. [chuckles nervously]
[The scene changes to Breezy and Finn running along together.]
Breezy: Whoops! I tripped right into you [Breezy purposefully fakes an accident, bumping Finn and causing both of them to roll.] [giggles]
[Now close to Finn's flower on his arm]
Breezy: That's right. Everybody's havin' fun...
[They both roll down a waterfall.]
Finn: Whoops!
Both: Whoa!
[The scene now shows Breezy's hive where they float along a river in front of the hive]
Bee Person: [humming]
Both: [laughing]
Bee Person: What's that?
[Breezy and Finn float past the hive.]
Bee Person: Mnh-mnh! Hey, girl! Girl, I know you can hear me! [to Breezy]
[Finn and Breezy now stop floating.]
Bee Person: Girl, get back to your hive! Quit hanging out with that bologna tube! It's disgusting!
Finn: Mnh-mnh. [rolls out of the water] Yo! Shut it! She's an independent lady!
Breezy: Yeah, shut it!
Bee Person: A'ight! [opens door to hive] Hey! You guys want to roast a wiener?
Other Bee People: [Together] Yeah!
Bee Person: Gonna teach you to mind your b's and q's, chump! [takes out a weapon and charges towards Finn] Buzzzzz!
Finn: Uh! Run, Breezy!
[The bees fly up in the air, dive towards Finn, and attack him.]
Finn: Aah!
Bee Person: You're about to get waggle-danced, you chicken! [Finn punches the Bee Person.] Unh!
[Finn punches the other bees. Some of the bees sting Finn.]
Finn: Ow! Ooh! [Finn falls to the ground.]
Breezy: Oh, no! Flower! I-I mean Finn! [gasps]
[Breezy flies quickly towards the hive and enters it.]
Breezy: [Clattering] aha! [flies back out] Don't worry, Finn! [Breezy holds up bottle] I jacked some royal jelly from their hive! [opens bottle cap]
Finn: [groans] Breezy... No!
Breezy: [Gulps the royal jelly juice] [gasps] Aaaah.
[Breezy transforms into a queen bee.]
Breezy: Hey, honeybuns!
Finn: [Groans]
[Breezy uses a sort of telekinetic power to control all of the bee people.]
Bee Person: Whoa! Oh, No! She got into our secret sauce, bro! It's all over! [All bee people] Long live the queen!
[Breezy moves all of the Bee People into their hive.] [crashing]
Finn: [Now sitting up] Breezy?
Breezy: Yes, Finn. Can't you see? I've become a queen to save you because... I love your flower and—and I think... I love you! [opening a zip] Now you can partake of my pollen crumbles and become my drone.
Finn: Um... You know, I'm—I'm trying to keep it casual, B. I just don't feel the same way. I don't feel anything.
Breezy: [Now sad] But I royal jellied for you. [sniffles]
[Breezy now is seen flying away from Finn.]
Finn: I'm lost in the darkness, Breezy.
[The scene cuts to Finn dancing in Lumpy Space Princess' home. Dance music plays.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Finn. [Finn still dancing] Finn. [Shouting to Finn] I saw this already! [Finn falls down.] [Dance music stops playing.] [Lumpy Space Princess approaches Finn.] I know all about your dirty deeds. Now it's Lumpy's turn to slump those lips! Bring it in, baby.
[They both kiss. Finn suddenly backs out.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Wha? Where you going?
Finn: That's it. We made out.
Lumpy Space Princess: Wha—What?! I didn't wait infinity for a dip in the kiddie pool! We're taking this to the deep end!
Finn: But I'm not a good swimmer.
Lumpy Space Princess: Don't be scared, Finn. Lumpy's on lifeguard duty.
[The scene cuts to a moon shot above. Below, Finn is seen lying down and Lumpy Space Princess is seen asleep.]
Finn: [to flower on his arm] How's it going, guy? Is any of this helping?
[Flower petal falls off the flower.]
Finn: I'm gonna forget you did that. Right in the vault.
[The song "Lost in the Darkness/Love" starts to play. Finn's flower arm suddenly grows to a huge tree]
Finn: Whoa, whoa, whoooooa!
[Breezy is seen shocked and staring. The flower arm grows up until the air until it explodes. Finn is seen with the remaining bark covering his arm. He rips off the bark to find his arm covered in honey. He flicks the honey off. His arm has fully recovered.]
Finn: [Dances with joy] Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
Lumpy Space Princess: [Waking up] What the lump? Oh, hey! Finn, you got your arm back!
Finn: [laughing] Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Breezy...
[A flower is seen falling on Breezy's head. Breezy takes the flower, and the episode ends right after she kisses it.]