Bunny Girl, also known as Jo[citation needed], is a human that was first seen in "Everything Stays," during Marceline's flashbacks. She was part of a human tribe and was first afraid of Marceline and had mistaken her for a vampire (at a time before she got turned). However, they quickly become friends as Marceline got accepted by the human tribe.

Appearance Edit

Jo is a regular female human with a hat that has long bunny ears and a cape over her neck dropping down to her legs. The cape and hat have both the same shade of white. She also wears a light blue t-shirt that is torn above her belly button and blue shorts. Her hair is brown in color. Her skin has a low tanned tone, and seems to be barefoot.

Personality Edit

Jo was always hyper, playful and although easily frightened of her, gained trust of Marceline later on. She seemed to have a liking in music as she asks Two Bread Tom to play a song on his guitar and Marceline to continue the song on her ax base.

Trivia Edit

  • In pre-production, she was a boy, and her name was Graham.
  • Jo stars in the Adventure Time graphic novel "Islands."

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