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This article is about the butterflies from "Still." You may be looking for the Skeleton Butterflies from "Tree Trunks" or the Butterfly With Laser Gun from "The Other Tarts."

Butterflies (also known as Astral Beast) first appear in "Still." They appear after Finn enters the Astral Plane and beseeches the Astral Beast for its aid. Finn is disappointed when the Astral Beast comes in the form of Butterflies, but Jake quickly shows him they are still helpful by using his mind to tell them to slap Finn. They help Finn and Jake fly across their room until Ice King accidentally freezes them with Freezing Potion A in attempt to make him give them Unfreezing Potion A.


  • In "Up a Tree," similar butterflies fly around while Finn climbs up the tree, but they are orange instead of yellow.
  • There is a butterfly on Finn's head while he is waiting for Lady Rainicorn in the episode "The Pit." This could be a reference to Finn's butterfly astral beast in "Still."


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