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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 3

See you back at the treehouse!

—"Fionna and Cake"

Fionna, we got trouble! My tail is totally frizzing out!

—"Fionna and Cake"

Shut up, he's into you!

—"Fionna and Cake"

No! No retreat, girl.

—"Fionna and Cake"

Catnip! Sweet babies!

—"Fionna and Cake"

Psst, Fi, tell Gumball that you think he's "HAWT."
Guys like to hear that they're hot!

—"Fionna and Cake"

After him, Fionna. After your man!

—"Fionna and Cake"

Why are y'all breathless if we're the ones running?

—"Fionna and Cake"

AAAHH! Don't you touch her!

—"Fionna and Cake"

Me too! Ice King's the real deal.

—"Fionna and Cake"

Season 5

I got a hot potato! And I got two hot tomatoes! They'll make a good sauce, maybe! So I'll shake my bottle baby. I'll shake it and shake it and shake it and shake it and shake it all over the table, the table, for as long as I am able!

—"Bad Little Boy"

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