The Candy Kingdom Hospital is a giant building where doctors treat patients located in the Candy Kingdom. It seems to also allow non-Candy People to be treated, along with non-Candy People staff.

The hospital was first seen in "No One Can Hear You" wherein Finn is hospitalized for broken legs. Its second appearance was at the end of "Lady & Peebles," after Princess Bubblegum replaces Ice King's heart and Lady Rainicorn tells Jake that she is pregnant. It appears a third time in "Wizards Only, Fools," in which Starchie receives treatment because of a cold. Its most recent appearance was in the episode "Jake Suit," where Finn again gets hospitalized, this time with Jake because they jumped into a volcano, and are treated by the Clown Nurses.


Although the exterior of the building is never seen, the inside of the hospital is just like any ordinary one. It has a waiting room, and when entering into the patient's room, the room is filled with several beds. Next to the beds are fish-shaped water bags and cardiac monitors. On the footboards of each bed is a small whiteboard which has the patient's name on it.

Notable staffEdit


  • It is unknown whether the room the Candy People who were affected by the Freezer Burn Flu in "What Have You Done?" were placed in is this hospital, or a separate hospital or room. The same can also be said in "Mortal Recoil" when Princess Bubblegum was rushed in.