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Cartoon Network Movie Bumpers usually appear when Cartoon Network shows a movie. These bumpers have the main characters from Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball. All of the characters are in a movie theater as if they are watching the movie that is airing. While doing this, various things happen to the characters. The bumpers have since been phased out and are no longer airing on TV.


Major characters

Background characters

List of Adventure Time bumpers

  • Finn and Jake are eating popcorn and watching the movie while you can hear a slight thumping noise. Jake then turns to his left and tells Ricardio to stop it because it's creeping him out.
  • Jake and Lady are on a date. Jake stretches his arm to the back of the theater and grabs some food. Lady askes if he found it on the floor. Jake says that he didn't and that she cracks him up.


  • In the 2nd Bumper, Benson sees Jake stretching his arm and watches the movie. Unlike Anais and Nicole, they are watching the movie too.
  • In the 2nd Bumper, Finn tries walking away to a new seat from Ice King and Gunter, due to Finn admitting that Ice King is still his enemy.