The Castle Staff are Candy People who apparently work in Princess Bubblegum's castle. However, what they do in the castle is unknown. There are seven characters in this group, as confirmed after the Earl of Lemongrab asked if all the members were present, and Peppermint Butler replied "yes, all the Castle Staff." The Earl of Lemongrab called all of them to ask who did "the thing," believing one of them did it.

Members of the staff

Blue Candy

S3 E5 Blue Candy Person

The Blue Candy can be seen at the end of the row, at the left. He is next to the Red Ice Cream Sandwich. It is unknown what kind of candy he is, but he appears to be a chocolate-covered peanut with a body which is blue for some reason.

Blue Gumball


The Blue Gumball is seen in between the Wafer and the Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone. He has shiny, light-blue skin, wears a hat, and wears boots. Both the hat and boots are green. His eyes are white.

Cinnamon Roll

Candy Person -24

The Cinnamon Roll is seen in between the Red Ice Cream Sandwich and the Wafer. He is very short, and has white frosting all over his body. Cinnamon can be seen on the side of his body as red swirls. He has white eyes.



A Marshmallow is a member who appeared standing next to the Upside-down Ice Cream Cone. It looks like a marshmallow kid, though it likely is one of them. It is white and appears to have been slightly melted. Its eyes are also white.

Red Ice Cream Sandwich


The Red Ice Cream Sandwich can be seen in between a blue candy person and a Cinnamon Roll. It looks a lot like Uncle Chewy, though he is blue, not red. He appears to be one of the three tallest candy people in the staff.

Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone

Candy Person 205

The Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone is a minor character who appears in "Too Young," along with the rest of the staff. It is shown that this candy person is one member of the staff at Princess Bubblegum's Castle. Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone is the one to respond to Lemongrab when the asked who did "the thing."


Candy Person 1

A Wafer is one of the members, and is seen standing in between a Cinnamon Roll and a blue gumball. He looks a lot like the Candy Magician. His body is yellow. His back is the same color, but it is a darker shade of yellow. He also has white frosting on top of him. There is an orange, or another fruit that at least looks like one, in the frosting. He appears to be the tallest candy person in the group, with the Upside-Down Ice Cream Cone being the second tallest. His legs appear to be striped, with one of the colors being the shade of yellow that is on his back, and the other on his front.