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Season 1Edit

Okay. I'm gonna do it. Okay, okay, okay. Everyone watch! I'm gonna do a flip!

—"The Enchiridion!"

Season 2Edit

You're a dynamo, Finn!

—"Power Animal"

I said you don't really focus at all!

—"Power Animal"

Season 4Edit

You came into my room around midnight and gave me a squeeze—a really strong one!

—"Hug Wolf"

Season 5Edit

You're wrong. Flame Princess may not be the most ruthless of all despots, but she is strong where it really counts—in her heart. And that is good.

—"The Red Throne"

I have learned so much watching this beautiful woman work, and with her example, I have become a better man. I will be by her side as her champion and knight every step of the way because... I love her.

—"The Red Throne"

Season 6Edit

It's true, she does have egg breath.

—"Princess Day"