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This is a quotes article made for notable quotations only.
Please use Template:Quote on each line.

Season 1

Okay. I'm gonna do it. Okay, okay, okay. Everyone watch! I'm gonna do a flip!

—"The Enchiridion!"

Season 2

You're a dynamo, Finn!

—"Power Animal"

I said you don't really focus at all!

—"Power Animal"

Season 4

You came into my room around midnight and gave me a squeeze—a really strong one!

—"Hug Wolf"

Season 5

You're wrong. Flame Princess may not be the most ruthless of all despots, but she is strong where it really counts—in her heart. And that is good.

—"The Red Throne"

I have learned so much watching this beautiful woman work, and with her example, I have become a better man. I will be by her side as her champion and knight every step of the way because... I love her.

—"The Red Throne"

Season 6

It's true, she does have egg breath.

—"Princess Day"

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