"I'd rather be dancin' with some babes!"
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"Come Along With Me" is an upcoming episode in the ninth season of Adventure Time.[2] It will be the final episode of Season 9 and the series, and the episode will be equivalent to four episodes time-wise. It is the two hundred-eightieth episode overall. 





Cultural references

Episode connections

  • Slime Princess's helmet heavily resembles the one worn by Slimy D from "Evergreen."
  • This is the first appearance of the Duke of Nuts since season 1. Despite Princess Bubblegum's hatred for him, he appears to be fighting on her side of the war.
  • When Jake stretches in order to transport Finn to Bonnie's tent, Jake stretches in cursive, similar to the season two episode "The Eyes".

Storyline analysis

Production notes

  • This episode is the series finale of Adventure Time.
  • This episode is the longest episode of the show with a length of 44 minutes.
  • The episode was promoted with the title "The Ultimate Adventure", instead of using the episode's official name.
  • The title of this episode is derived from the Adventure Time ending theme:
Come along with me
And the butterflies and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.




Official art

Background art