Crunchy is a Candy Person who first appears in "You Made Me" as a test subject for Princess Bubblegum's Aura Visualizer and temporary ruler of Candy Kingdom from the final minutes of King of Ooo's regime until Princess Bubblegum replaces him by his permission in "The Dark Cloud". The Aura Visualizer reveals Crunchy's true essence as a pink cloud with multiple colored blobs floating around his body. Later in the episode, he is seen wearing a nightcap while in bed and sleeping alone with no roommate. When Princess Bubblegum wakes him up using the security system's intercom, he sleepily says, "Glob? Is that you?" Princess Bubblegum uses him to try to teach Lemongrab how to treat Candy People nicely. She shows Lemongrab how to pamper Crunchy with kind and playful sounds and faces, but when Lemongrab attempts to do the same he ends up slapping and poking Crunchy repeatedly. Then Lemongrab screams, "Put you in my oven!" and pushes him to the ground, making him cry.

In "The Pajama War", Crunchy was the last to take the temporary throne. As he was about to throw Starchie into the crater, Princess Bubblegum and Finn came back and told everyone to get back into their sleeping bags so she can read them a story. Also in "The Pajama War," Starchie refers to Crunchy as "the go-to guy" and "the new Cinnamon Bun." As Cinnamon Bun appeared in many episodes, this suggests Crunchy might take CB's place as the "go-to" Candy Person featured in various episodes and play a more central role in the series

His latest appearance was "Something Big" where he explodes because he was frightened and, as explained in "Slumber Party Panic," when Candy People grow too frightened they explode. However, he was rebuilt after the incident as confirmed at the end of the episode. .


Crunchy is a brown, candy ball with small, darker-brown bumps all over his body. In "You Made Me," he is more spherical in shape, and in "The Pajama War," he is more similar to a chocolate chip cookie.

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  • Crunchy somewhat resembles Princess Cookie.
  • Crunchy took the Candy Kingdom throne twice: once in "The Pajama Wars" and once in "The Dark Cloud." In both cases, Princess Bubblegum took back power.


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