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Season 4

Hmm? Hohoho, gleeble bayble grapes, you're just in time. Bayble Cuber's bound to watch an inkledribble adventure from days of old, on my Holo-Pyramid Viewer. Five stories - each relating to one special theme. See if you Graybles can guess the theme by the end of the episode, OK? Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

—"Five Short Graybles"

What? What's that? You haven't guessed it? Oh, I'm sorry. Well, pause your viewer now to think about it before I belable it to you
The theme was the five senses, you see? Look: BMO SAW his reflection, Finn and Jake TOUCHED their hands together, the princess made a TASTY sandwich, the blue guy SMELLED bad, and the other thing HEARD music.

—"Five Short Graybles"

Ho ho, what a treat! OK well, I'll see you crimpy glimmers on triode flimpin' the diode, ah ha ha hmm! (waves)

—"Five Short Graybles"

Season 5

Here for more graybles, I reckon?

—"Five More Short Graybles"

Now you've got it. I can tell. The theme is the five tastes. You see, Jake ate a SWEET plum. Marceline played some SAVORY licks. Tree Trunks had a SOUR taste inside her mouth, oh my. Gunter wanted to taste the SALTY tears and Football's tea was BITTER.

—"Five More Short Graybles"

Huh? What’s that you say? You thought the theme was the five fingers? (laughs) Don’t be silly! No one's had five fingers for twenty blablillion glaybles. Five telepathy glands maybe. Ah… slimmin'. Well anyway, looks like it’s that time again. I’ll see you crimpy glimmers on triode flimpin’ the diode!

—"Five More Short Graybles"

Now, look to my visualizer screen and let this exciting grayble dribble all over your mind label.

—"Five More Short Graybles"

Oh, hello. Here for more graybles I presume. Well you've come to the right computer-fable. Feast your eyes-mabel on my holo-pyramid viewer and--Huh? What's that you say? Not in the mood for graybles, you say? Oh dear.

—"Another Five More Short Graybles"

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