This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Death in Bloom" from season 2, which aired on February 28, 2011.

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[The episode begins with Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake drinking tea.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Sips tea] Ah fudge! What time is it? I gotta go to Veggie Village for the Annual Technology Fair. Will y’all watch my Princess Plant for me? [Hands Finn a flower with a green stem and white petals] I usually hire a sitter but- Ehn!
Finn: Of course, Princess!
Princess Bubblegum: Awesome! Thank you, Finn. I will be back on the Morrow. SCREEEEEEEE!
[A giant bird flies out from behind a mountain, picks up Princess Bubblegum and flies away.]
Finn: You’re in good hands, Princess Plant.
[Scene transitions to Finn and Jake dancing with the plant. Jake kicks of the pot and begins to shake it’s roots up and down to mimic dancing. The scene transitions to Finn and Jake with the plant sitting on a dinner table and drinking grape soda. They stuff the plant’s roots with pizza and cookies, and Jake pours soda into the plant’s petals, while Finn puts pizza in another. The two high five as the plant sags. The scene transitions again to a dried up and dead plant next to a crackling fire. Finn is reading the plant a story while Jake is cuddled up with it.]
Finn: And then the monster got punched in the head and the princess was safe. And everyone was happy!
[Plant catches on fire as Jake is asleep next to it.]
Finn: [Gasps and screams]
[Finn and Jake put out the fire, Finn puts a band aid on it and they both kiss the black and charred plant.]
[The scene transitions to another room. Finn and Jake are tucking it into bed.]
Finn: Time to lay down beautiful buddy.
Jake: Yeah. Time to make sleepies!
Finn: Ahhh. We killed it, man!
Jake: I know!
Finn: Okay. [Grabs Jake] All we gotta do, is go to the Land of the Dead and reclaim the flower’s soul from death before Bubblegum returns.
Jake: Okay!
[Peppermint Butler peeks into the room.]
Peppermint Butler: Excuse me, but did you all say Land of the Dead?
[Jake covers plant with a pillow.]
Finn: Oh, what?! Oh, uh… yeah.
Peppermint Butler: I can take you.
Finn: Really?
Peppermint Butler: Certainly, Finn. [Walks into corner of the room] For a small price. Which we can discuss later! Take my hands, gentlemen! [Raises arms.]
[Finn and Jake walk over and each take one of Peppermint Butler’s hands.]
Peppermint Butler: Stare into where the two walls meet. Now slowly, cross your eyes. [Crosses eyes] Do it, fools!
[Finn and Jake do so. The portal to the land of the dead opens and is glowing red with rocky terrain in the distance.]
Peppermint Butler: The portal opens!
[Finn and Jake step into the portal.]
Peppermint Butler: Say ‘hi’ to Death for me if you see him! He lives in a castle made of light!
Jake: Uh… okay.
Finn: Thanks Peppermint Butler. [Him and Jake wave goodbye.]
Peppermint Butler: And don’t drink the- [The portal closes] water.
Jake: Whoa man, who knew Peppermint Butler was so- [Clings to Finn as they both scream.]
[The camera pans down to see giant Death Eels fighting, a mountain side that is covered with spikes and flaming holes, hundreds of long pink organisms that have black flames emitting from the ends, a giant scorpion, bones, a television, giant bony fingers sticking out from some rocks, more Death Eel creatures, a purple claw sticks out from behind a rock, red demon-like hands reach out from rocks covered in eyes, giant earwigs, a skull of a demon, police cars and UFOs, and skeletons walking in a town.]
Jake: So… um… you wanna… [Stretches out a kangaroo pouch] hop in my paunch and I’ll stretch us down?
Finn: Uh… Oh look, an escalator!
[An escalator is beside them with skeletons descending down it.]
[Jake stretches himself and Finn over to the escalator in front of a skeleton with a knife in it’s skull.]
Finn: [To skeleton] Hey, dude.
[Skeleton waves. Finn points to the bottom of the escalator where a giant skeletal pterodactyl-like creature is guarding an entrance, where there is a line of skeletons waiting to enter.]
Finn: That must be the main entrance or some biz!
Jake: Let’s go!
[Finn stands on Jake’s back as Jake slides down the escalator and they jump off.]
Finn: Holy schmow!
[Finn and Jake get in line behind a skeleton with a spear in it’s throat.]
Gate Guardian: [To a skeleton with spear in it’s throat] Welcome to the Underworld. Cause of death?
Spear Skeleton: Uh… Spear in the neck.
Gate Guardian: You may enter.
Spear Skeleton: Yay! [Runs inside]
[Finn and Jake walk up to the Gate Guardian.]
Gate Guardian: How did you die?
Finn: Uh…
Finn and Jake: [Thinks of something to say] Because we’re awesome! [They high five] Whoo! Ha ha! Ha ha!
Gate Guardian: Hmm… Step out of line. [Points to the side]
Finn: Awh dingle!
Jake: Wait up, dude! Follow me, and do as I do. [The two begin to slowly side-step to the entrance]
Gate Guardian: [Points to them] Hey! I said no!
[Finn and Jake stop, then keep walking.]
Gate Guardian: Hey! Hey!!
[Finn & Jake walk into the entrance.]
Jake: Ha ha, we’re in! Come on, man!
[Finn laughs.]
Gate Guardian: [Peers into the entrance] Man…
[Finn & Jake run to the bottom of a hill and high five.]
Finn: Yes!
Jake: Yes!
Finn: Where do we go now, dude?
Jake: [Points to the top of a hill] Up there!
[The pair climb to the top and peer over.]
Finn & Jake: Oooooo!
[Behind a rocky terrain, a glowing-white castle is visible in the distance.]
Jake: Death’s castle is pretty, dude.
Finn: Let’s go! [The two jump down and do a little battle cry.]
[They begin to walk and a skeleton pops out from behind a rock.]
Skeleton Guy (Lester): Hey! What’s up, fellas! Hi. Lester. [Grabs Finn’s arm.] Oh man, flesh! Haven’t seen this stuff in forever! [Caresses Finn’s arm] So warm and gushy and softy! [Shakes Finn’s arm up and down.] Look at all that flesh jigglin'!
Jake: Hey! If you love flesh so much, then watch this! [Stretches so he looks like he is melting onto the ground.]
Lester: Whoo! You don’t know what you’re doing to me, guy! Fellas get over here! Flesh!
[More skeletons come out from behind terrain, rocks, and trees and walk over to Finn & Jake.]
Finn: [Whispers to Jake] This is weird, man.
Jake: Don’t worry! They just think we’re cool!
Finn: Hmm… Do you guys think we’re cool?
Lester: No. We’re gonna rip that flesh off you! And eat it!
[Finn & Jake gasp. The skeletons walk towards them and they get into fighting positions.]
Finn: It’s bone-kicking time! [Punches the heads off skeletons but they get up and put them back on.]
Skeleton: [Laughs.]
[A group of skeletons run towards them and knocks Finn down.]
Finn: Oh shoot! Get- [Tries to fight back with a bone, but the skeletons swarm him and begin to bite him.]
Finn: Jake! There’s too many!
Jake: [Coughs, skeletons are biting him as well.] They’re tryin’ to peel me! [Stretches largely and knocks a bunch of skeletons off of him.] I… am not… a banana! [Grabs Finn and runs away. He sees a hole.] Hole! [Puts Finn in the hole.]
Finn: It’s not a hole, Jake! It’s just a divot!
[The skeletons are running around the corner. Jake punches Finn into the ground.]
Jake: Sorry! [Jumps into hole and covers rocky with it.]
[Skeletons run by and do not notice Finn & Jake.]
[Finn & Jake are in the hole, which is a tight squeeze and does not have much room.]
Finn: Dude, shrink down!
[Jake does so.]
Jake: Oh! Sorry.
Finn: I don’t like the underworld too much.
Jake: I don’t know. Wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t folks trying to eat our skin.
Finn: I wonder how Princess Bubblegum is doing.
[Scene transitions to Princess Bubblegum, who is holding a helmet mechanism.]
Princess Bubblgum: So! Who here invented this thing?
[Camera pans out to reveal she is talking to a group of vegetables that are hooked up to electronic devices. Princess Bubblegum sighs.]
Finn: I’m glad she’s not coming back ‘till tomorrow.
Jake: No she said she’s coming back "on the Morrow."
Finn: Yeah, on the ‘morrow. That means tomorrow.
Jake: No man, the Morrow is her bird!
Finn: Come again?
Jake: It’s her bird! That thing is crazy fast! It’ll only take like twenty minutes to get back once that conference is over. [Camera pans on a shocked Finn.] Are you listening, man? [Camera pans on Jake’s mouth in slow motion] The Morrow, is a bird. [Morrow appears from Jake’s mouth and screeches.]
Finn: We gotta go! [Lifts up rock and peers out.] Coast is clear!
[They come out from their hiding place.]
Skeleton: Halt! [Finn & Jake freeze in place.] Hey! [Taps a skeleton named Halt’s shoulder] Hey Halt! Why you got your eyes closed, Halt?
Halt: I’m trying to picture in my mind’s eye where the fleshies are hiding.
Skeleton: Ooh! You’re a smart guy, Halt!
[Finn & Jake quietly sneak past and onto a bride, panting.]
Finn: [Grabs Jake’s arm] Wait, Jake! Do you hear somethin’? Come on! [They crawl to the edge of the bridge and peak over.]
Group of Skeletons: [Murmuring] I didn’t see them… They were here, and now they’re gone!...
Finn: More skeletons! We’ve gotta be really, really quiet!
[Jake farts loudly, which echoes and causes everything to shake. The skeletons turn around and notice them.]
Skeleton: Get em!
Finn: Jake!
Jake: I thought it would be funny!
[A large rock falls, and they both jump out of the way.]
Finn & Jake: Ahh!
[The cave starts to fall apart and parts of the ceiling fall down, crushing skeletons. Finn & Jake run across the bridge safetly.]
Finn: [Points] Look! There’s Death’s castle!
[Death’s castle gleams]
Finn: [Looks around] I don’t see anyone! I guess you double killed them with that avalanche!
Jake: Heh, awesome!
Finn: Now we just gotta cross that river!
Jake: River! [They walk down the stairs towards the river.] Man, I’m so thirsty! My mouth’s still all dusty!
SkulL: Yes… [Finn screams.] Drink the water…
Finn: Whoa, okay Jake, don’t drink the water!
Jake: Come one! I’m so thirsty!
Finn: Dude! That skull wants you to drink the water! It’s bad water!
Skull: Don’t drink the water!
Jake: See? That means good right? [Cannon-balls into the river.]
Finn: Jake…
[Jake lifts his head out of the water.]
Finn: Jake? Why you makin’ stupid face?
Jake: Who’s Jake?
Finn: Dang it, I knew that water was junk!
Skull: Tricked again by the River of Forgetfulness!
[Finn steps onto the Skull and crushes it.]
Finn: Jake! Get out of that water right now!
Jake: Hey! I don’t know who you are, mister! But I don’t like your attitude!
[Scene transitions to Finn dragging a screaming Jake.]
Jake: Help! Somebody!
[Scene transitions to Princess Bubblegum sitting on Morrow and waving goodbye.]
Princess Bubblegum: Farewell everyone! [Vegetables do not respond.] Okay… Morrow! Back to the Candy Kingdom!
[Morrow screeches and flies away.]
[The scene transitions back to Finn carrying Jake to the doorway of Death’s castle.]
Jake: Help! Somebody help me! Stranger danger!
[Death is raking dirt into a line pattern. The room he is in hass giant skulls scattered around and the river of forgetfulness flows through. Finn & Jake sneak in and hid behind a tree. Jake’s back is poking out and Death sees them.]
Death: Hey! Hey! I see you!
Finn: Jake! Your head!
Jake: [Peeks out from behind tree] Huh? [To Death] Who are you?
Death: Who are you?
Jake: I don’t know, man, who are you?
Death: What do you mean, you’re in my castle!
Jake: Well I didn’t know!
Finn: Dang it, Jake.
Death: You must leave this place. Now!
Finn: [Jumps out from behind tree and begins to talk in a ghost-like voice] Death! We’re not leaving until our plant’s soul! And Jake’s memory!
Death: Another one, be gone mortal!
Finn: No! I promised Princess Bubblegum! [Attempts to kick Death but flies right through him.] Oof! Oww… What happened?
Death: You can’t kick me because your brain is stupid!
Finn: Your brain is stupid!
Jake: Hehehehehehe, this kid’s pretty funny!
Death: [Sighs] Alright. [Drops rake and walks over to stage with wall full of musical instruments.] Pick an instrument.
Finn: Huh?
Death: [Sits down at a drum set with two base drums and a microphone.] To get stuff from me, you have to beat me in a musical battle. But Jake’s the musical one! And he’s got poo brain!
[Jake makes popping noise with mouth.]
Death: I don’t care.
Finn: I gotta find what I can really play! Oh glob, man! [Begins to breath heavily] Oh! Here we go! [Picks up sleigh bells from the instrument wall.] Sleigh bells! YA WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!
Death: So the contest begins!
[Death begins to kick base drums and scream death metal while Finn jingles sleigh bells. Death continues to scream while he detaches his feet, which continue to play the drums. Finn screams and jumps on the sleigh bells. Death slides on his knees across the stage. Finn rolls around. Death continues to scream death metal while fireworks explode above him, smoke rises into the shape of a skull, fire burns around him and an electric guitar plays in the background. They both finish, and death has black smoke coming off of him.]
Death: [Walks over next to Finn] Hey, alright, so, who do you think won?
Jake: Oh man, skeleton guy by a landslide! He was like "Rughhh," he was like [Makes exploding noise].
Finn: Dude!
Jake: What? Skeleton guy was awesome! You want me to lie?
Finn: Yes! [Throws sleigh bells away.]
Death: I’m going to kill you now.
Finn: No! I still have to rescue stuff!
Death: [Walks towards Finn with red eyes] Those are the rules in the Land of the Dead, lose a music battle, lose your life. [Eyes begin to flame.]
Finn: Oh wait, wait, wait! Before I die, I’m honor-bound to tell you: Peppermint Butler says ‘Hi’.
Death: What? You know Peppermint Butler?!
Finn: Yeah!
Death: Heh heh heh! Yo, you guys can have whatever you want! [Walks over to Jake.] Jake, stand up!
Jake: That’s me, right? [Stands up]
Death: Yes. [Goes very close to Jake’s face]
Jake: What’re you doin’?
[Death kisses Jake.]
Jake: What’re you doin' ?!
Death: Kiss of death, baby. You got your memory back.
Jake: Awh, gross! I wish I didn’t!
Death: Now I shall return the soul of this. [Raises hat, which has the Princess Plant underneath it.]
Finn & Jake: Yeah! The Princess Plant!
[The Princess Plant rockets off Death’s head and disappears.]
Death: See ya dudes later. [Teleports them back to Ooo.] [At the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum arrives on Morrow, where Finn & Jake are waiting for her.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hello, boys. Where’s my plant?
[Peppermint Butler walks up behind them, carrying the plant.]
Peppermint Butler: Hello, Princess!
Princess Bubblegum: Yay! [Eats one of the three flowers, much to the shock of Finn & Jake. Her hair then becomes smaller and curlier at the ends.] Thank you all for taking such good care of my plant! Now come here and give me a hug!
Finn & Jake: Yay, hugs!
[Finn, Jake & Peppermint Butler give Princess Bubblegum a hug.]
Peppermint Butler: [Whispers] Ahem. Mr. Finn, Mr. Jake, I believe you still owe me something in exchange for that favor I did.
Finn: Sure!
Jake: Yeah, what is it?
Peppermint Butler: I’d like your flesh.
[Jake & Finn laugh.]
Jake: Quit bein’ silly, Peppermint Butler!
Peppermint Butler: [His pupils turn yellow and the area around his eyes turn black.] I’m going to take it from you while you sleep.
[Finn & Jake’s faces then turn from a smiling face, to a confused, creeped out, blank one, and the episode ends.]