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Deities and Cosmic Entities are recurring characters in Adventure Time. They are the most powerful beings in Ooo and beyond, with a vast majority of them being immortal. Their alignment is not specific, many are neutral.

List of Deities and Cosmic Entities

The following list of extra-dimensional beings uses images and official names.

Image Name a.k.a Actual Location Function Info
GOLB Unknown Dimension GOLB attacked Mars at Olympus Mons, because that is where Magic Man planned to install the defense system meant to protect Mars from him.
Orgalorg Gunter Earth "The Destroyer of Worlds". Longs to conquer the Solar System. Wanted to consume The Catalyst Comet, but Grob Gob Glob Grod banished it to the Earth. As it fell, the gravity compressed it into an inoffensive penguin-like form.
Grob Gob Glob Grod-0
Grob Gob Glob Grod Mars Defended the Solar System before falling into Earth's orbit.
Owl trans-0
Cosmic Owl Everyone's subsconsciousness Informs the sleeper that they are in a Premonition Dream.
Martin Mertens Martin the Human Milky Way Defends the Solar System Was formerly a human, he is also Finn's biological father. He turned into a cosmic entity in "The Comet" when the Catalyst Comet gave him an offer to be a new form of existence.
S6e24 Horned comet
Catalyst Comet Finn
The Lich
Milky Way Change
Original Finn
Finn Finn the Human Land of Ooo A hero and adventurer, but in the past was a Catalyst Comet. Finn the human boy, the protagonist
Party god-0
Party God Anywhere where there's a party. Partying He dated Island Lady, for a short time but she "broke up" with him.
Cuber Alien Planet in Milky Way Grayble teller He lives +1000 years in the future. He has a sister but it is unknown if she is also a cosmic entity.
Prismo Old man's dream Time Room Wish Master Prismo is a Wish Master who is the manifestation of an old man's dream.
The Lich King
The Lich Sweet P. Earth He desires to extinguish all life in the universe. He existed before the beginning of time, elected by the Purple Comet to be the embodiment of evil. He was changed into a large man-child by Finn.
Death Dead World, Land of the Dead. A keeper of souls and overseer of the mortality of many living creatures.

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