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Flaming Eyeballs

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Flaming Eyeballs
Flaming eyeballs
Name Flaming Eyeballs
Reside in Dungeon
Introduced in "Dungeon"

The Flaming Eyeballs are monsters that appear in the episode "Dungeon." They resemble flaming eyeballs. When Finn and Jake lift the Crystal Eye, the creatures come out from the dark pit below and attack them. Princess Bubblegum saves them with her flying swan. Normal weapons do not seem to work on these creatures; they melt on contact. The only way to kill them may be a blast of focused energy, like the lasers Princess Bubblegum's swan can fire. They may be guarding the Crystal Eye, or it might keep them locked in the dungeon so they do not escape and wreak havoc.


  • The Flaming Eyeballs look similar to a painting by Don Ivan Punchatz.
  • A Flaming Eyeball makes an appearance in Legends of Ooo in the Ice King's castle. However, it is referred to as a "demonic witching eye."
  • The Flaming Eyeballs resemble Demon Eyes from the PC game Terraria.


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