This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Dream of Love" from season 4, which aired on April 23, 2012.

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[The episode starts with Finn, Jake and Lady Rainicorn rolling down a hill. Finn and Jake are laughing and get to the bottom of the hill and Lady Rainicorn rolls away.]
Jake: Oh man! Alright, what's next?
Finn: Haha, let's see... [Begins to count on his fingers] First we visit Tree Trunks for apple pie, and then we go to Bubblegum's science music thing!
Jake: Wait, what about the movie at the drive-in?
Finn: That's after we make dream sandwiches!
Jake: Whoo! [Stands up and runs off] Let's go, apple pie!
Finn: [Runs after him] Whoo!
[Tree Trunks is tending to her rose garden.]
Finn: [In the distance] Tree Trunks!
Tree Trunks: [Turns around] Huh?
[Finn and Jake run towards her.]
Jake: TT!
Finn: Tree Trunks!
Tree Trunks: Oh my, look who's here! Yoo-hoo! [Waves with trunk.]
[Finn and Jake come to a stop at Tree Trunks' house.]
Jake: Oh yeah!
Tree Trunks: Howdy, Jake! Howdy, Finn!
[Mr. Pig stands up.]
Mr. Pig: Hello!
Jake: What'cha ya doin' here?
Mr. Pig: I never really left.
Tree Trunks: Mr. Pig's been so kind helpin' me, hehe, tend to my rose garden.
[Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks begin to chuckle.]
Finn & Jake: Hmmm.
Finn: Cool.
Jake: Cool cool.
Mr. Pig: Cool cool cool.
Tree Trunks: Cool cool cool cool!
[Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks begin to laugh and tickle each other.]
Mr. Pig: Oh, you.
Finn: Where's the apple pie, Tree Trunks?
Jake: Yeah, my stomach is jonesin' for it bad! [Stomach growls]
Tree Trunks: Oh, you all are so early that I haven't even started! [Walks inside]
Mr. Pig: [Sighs] I love her so much.
Finn: WHOA! You love 'er?!
Mr. Pig: Whaa? No!
Finn: [Points] You just said you love 'er.
Mr. Pig: [Looks down] You're crazy.
Jake: Dude, come on, we heard you.
Mr. Pig: [Sighs anxiously, turns around with arms raised] I think I am in love with her! But I don't know how to go about it... [Looks down, sad.]
Finn: Dude, you should just tell her how you feel!
Mr. Pig: [Lays arms on rosebush] Phew...
Tree Trunks: There you are, what are you boys chattin' about? Hmmm?
[Finn gestures at Mr. Pig]
Mr. Pig: Uh-huh, alright okay... [Clears throat] Ms. Tree Trunks... Ma'am, today, I wish to speak my feelings.
Tree Trunks: Mr. Pig, what's going on?

{{L|Mr. Pig| [Inhales through nose] When I see you, my heart beats like a choo-choo train, when you stand near me I get so nervous I cannot move. [Picks up rose.]

[Tree Trunks listens in awe.]
Tree Trunks: Ohhhhh!
Mr. Pig: [Smells rose and then eats it.] Mmmm, that's good.
[Tree Trunks covers his mouth with her trunk.]
Tree Trunks: Shush. I feel the same. I have a feeling that this is the feeling others call... love. [Finn and Jake stand by and watch.] What should we do then?
Mr. Pig: We should hug. [Extends arms.]
[Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig hug.]
Jake: Tree Trunks... you gonna bring some pie to Princess Bubblegum's thing?
Tree Trunks: Uh... Yeah, Jake, yeah! [Continues to hug.]
Jake: Well... Okay... [Turn around and begins to walk away with Finn.] See you later then.
[Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks begin to hum.]
[The scene transitions to Princess Bubblegum's concert. A couple of Candy People are attending and Peppermint Butler is filming with BMO with a video camera tapped to his head. Princess Bubblegum is hitting beakers and an electric organ with a ruler and a stick with a blue stone inside of it. Finn claps and sings along.]
Finn: [Inaudible.]
Jake: [Stomach growls and he begins to look around.] Where is she? [Stands up on bleacher and walks over to Finn, and puts his hands on his shoulder.]
Finn: You givin' me a back rub, bro?
Jake: What? [Puts both hands on Finn's shoulders.] Yeah, yeah, yeah... [Walks to the side of the bleacher and groans.] Is that-?! [Sees someone and gasps.] It's Tree Trunks!
[Tree Trunks arrives with Mr. Pig. Jake runs down the stairs to greet them.]
Jake: Pie! Pie!! [Lays down.] Lay it right here. [Points to stomach.]
Tree Trunks: Oh Jake, I tried to bake an apple pie, but this cutie kept distracting me. [Her and Mr. Pig giggle. Mr. Pig kisses Tree Trunks on the forehead, who kisses him back on the cheek.]
Jake: No apple pie?!
Jam Jam: [Whispers to another Candy Person] This is making me uncomfortable...
Cinnamon Bun: They're snuggling too loud!
Another Candy Person: What's happening? I forgot my glasses!
[Audience begins to murmur, interrupting Princess Bubblegum, who stops playing.]
Princess Bubblegum: Huh? Oh, gross!
[Finn runs down the bleachers and separates Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig.]
Finn: Hyeah! Break it up, break it up! Okay, the love show is over! Princess, please continue.
Princess Bubblegum: Hm! [Continues to play.]
[Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig begin to dance, hitting their butts together.]
Jam Jam: Ah! Ah! This is too much! [Begins to hyperventilate and starts screaming.] It's driving me crazy!
Princess Bubblegum: Cinnamon Bun, do something!
Cinnamon Bun: ...Okay. Hey everyone! The concert is over!
Princess Bubblegum: That's not what I-
Cinnamon Bun: The concert's over, Princess!
[Everyone begins to walk away and leave]
Tree Trunks: Princess, how's about a slow song so me and my man can dance cheek to cheek. [Her and Mr. Pig put their two cheeks together and hum.]
Princess Bubblegum: Hm! [Walks away, annoyed and begins to clean up. She grabs the beakers while Cinnamon Bun picks up the electric piano. They pass Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig and say "Hm!" with one eye closed.]
Tree Trunks: Why's everybody givin' me the hairy eyeball?
Finn: Y'all are too affectionate. It makes people feel... bothered when you and the Pig your affection in public!
Tree Trunks: They don't want us to flaunt what we have?
Finn: You two need to hide your love... or else, you'll end up making the whole world throw up!
Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks: We promise to keep our affection hidden.
Finn: Thank you.
[The scene transitions to Finn and Jake putting on their shoes at the Tree Fort. Jake cannot find his other shoe.]
Jake: Have you seen my other shoe?
Finn: I think I saw it in the closet!
[Jake runs over to closet and picks it up, but in a hole in the floor, he sees Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing.]
Jake: Ahhh! Under my shoe?! Outta here!
[Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig run out of the Tree Fort and into a park. A Candy Person goes to put her baby in it's stroller but is shocked to find Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing in it instead.]
Candy Mother: This carriage is for babies! [Knocks them out of the stroller.] For babies!!
[Turtle Princess is in the library and opens a book entitled "Princess Stuff," only to find Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig in it instead. Turtle Princess puts a finger to her lips and they fall off either side of the table.]
[Finn and Jake are having a picnic and making sandwiches.]
Finn: Nice stacks of sandwiches!
Jake: [Spreads something on bread] You shouldn'ta bought so many flavors! I had to make a sandwich for each flavor, and for each flavor combination!
Finn: I'm makin' a cheese sandwich! [Puts a slice of bread with cheese on it on another slice of bread, only to find Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing on it.] Tree Trunks! Pig! Come on!
Tree Trunks: We're trying to hide our love, but it's so difficult!
Jake: [Chews on pieces of bread.] Try harder!
[Finn and Jake are now at a drive in movie.]
Finn: [Looks around] Doesn't look like Tree Trunks and Pig are around!
Jake: Yeah, looks like the cost is clear!
[The movie begins to play.]
Gingerbread Actor: [Puts a cup in his hand towards the screen] Look at this cup! [Puts second cup in his other hand towards the screen] Now, look at this cup! Look at this one! [Points to cup as big as him. A shadow of Tree Trunks come across the screen and cover it so the movie can no longer be seen.]
Jake: Aw, man!
Finn: [Sigh] Just try to ignore it and watch the movie!
Jake: I can't ignore that! [Points towards the screen, which is completely covered by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig's  shadow. Entire crowd groans and protests in disgust. Jake stretches up to where they are.]
Jake: Stoooooop!
[The movie shuts off. Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig fall off either side of the truck, they run back over to each and continue kissing.]
Finn: Tree Trunks, this has gone on long enough! No more spending time with the Pig, unless you do it, inside your own home.
Tree Trunks: But Finn, an unmarried couple living together one roof, that's undecent!
Finn: Then, why don't you two just get married?
Tree Trunks: We don't wanna rush things-
Mr. Pig: Uh... marriage is a big step.
Tree Trunks: -we need time to get to know each other.
Finn: Then I guess we only have one option.
[Finn grabs Tree Trunks and Jake grabs Mr. Pig.]
Finn: Alright. [Him and Jake begin to pull them apart.]
Mr. Pig: You can't do this! Wait
Tree Trunks: Nooo!
Mr. Pig: Stop!
[Crowd cheers.]
Candy Person: Take 'em away!
Tree Trunks: Sweet meat!
Mr. Pig: Little dove!
Finn: [Carrying Tree Trunks] Sorry, Tree Trunks.
[Tree Trunks begins to cry.]
Jake: [Dragging Mr. Pig] So... where do you live?
Mr. Pig: [Staring off into space, said emotionless] I'm homeless.
Jake: Oh...
[Jake and Mr. Pig are getting drinks at the Candy Kingdom Tavern. Mr Pig sighs.]
Mr. Pig: I guess I'll just go back to eating criminals. [Chugs drink and begins to cry.] I miss her...
[At Tree Trunks' house]
Tree Trunks: I don't know what I'm going to do without him, Finn!
Finn: Why don't you make apple pie to take your mind off of it?
[Tree Trunks walks over and begins to punch the dough and begins to sing "Dream of Love."]
Tree Trunks: [Tears roll down her cheeks] Dream of love... Is it really over? Can I overcome these tears? I close my eyes, feel that he's still with me. Still standing with me here...
[Mr. Pig starts to sing at the Tavern.]
Mr. Pig: Dream of love... Are we truly parted? Must this Pig forever walk alone? In my dreams, our love is just a dream to me... but in my heart, it lives and breaths and grows.
Tree Trunks: [Cuts apples] And even though, we ain't allowed to be together. I cross my heart and promise to be true.
Mr. Pig: Well, I'm still lovin' you, girl, from halfway 'cross this great, big, world! [Spotlight shines on him.] And in my dreams, I'm holding hands with yoooooooooooou!
Tree Trunks & Mr. Pig: Dream of love... Dream of love... [A tear runs down Jake's cheek] It's only a dream of loooooove. Dream of love... Dream of loooooooove, it's only a dream... of love.
Tree Trunks: [Pulls apple pie out of the oven.] I close my eyes, and feel his arms around me, in my dreams... he's not so far away.
Finn: [Trying not to cry] Go to him.
[Tree Trunks excitedly runs off.]
Jake: [Trying not to cry.] Go.
Mr. Pig: [Gasps, nods and runs off.]
[Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks run for each other and kiss in a Candy Kingdom Courtyard.]
Jam Jam: I'm freaking out!!
[Candy People groan and protest as the two kiss.]
Finn: You know what? I like it. It's nice.
Jake: Yeah.
[Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig continue to kiss.]
Jake: Mmmm, apple pie I've been waiting to kiss you all day! [Shoves face in pie as the episode ends.]