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I'm just tired from setting traps all day, solo-style.

—"Web Weirdos"

Oh look, food... that I caught... in my web... for us.

Yeah, right. You just wanna get out of my web. All you food ever wanna do is escape. You're always, like, in cahoots, making plans not to be food.

All I have is Barb, and she treats me like a dingus. Oh, cool, a sword! Wow, neat. It's magic or something! We can hang this up over our mantle and snuggle by the fire, like we... like we used to! I'm going to fix us, Barb. FIX US!

Barb, look! Damage control! Check it out; I wrapped it up and everything.

Oh, really? Well, I guess we're never going to eat again either, 'cause I catch the food and your butt is dysfunctional. Go, run away food! We don't need you, apparently.

I think there's hope for us, Barb.

—"Web Weirdos"