Elizabeth Ito is a storyboard artist and writer whose main work has been with the shows Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time. She has also storyboarded such titles as Astro Boy and Everyone's Hero. After serving as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time for the first season, she left to work at Sony Pictures Animation. She later returned to the series near the middle of season five, and currently serves as one of the series' supervising directors.

List of episodes storyboarded

Title card Episode No Title Airdate
Titlecard S1E1 slumberpartypanic S1E1 Slumber Party Panic April 5, 2010
Titlecard S1E2 troubleinlumpyspace S1E2 Trouble in Lumpy Space April 5, 2010
Titlecard S1E18 dungeon S1E18 Dungeon July 12, 2010
Titlecard S1E19 theduke S1E19 The Duke July 19, 2010
Titlecard S1E24 whathaveyoudone S1E24 What Have You Done? September 13, 2010