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s3e1 Everything burrito.png|"I love you, everything burrito."


s3e3 Baby finn.jpg s3e3 Punch you for fun.png s3e3 Rag Wizard foot.png s3e3 Marc sideways kitchen.png s3e3 Finn Jake destroyed surroundings.png S3e3 Jake carrying Finn and Rag Wizard.png S3e3 Little Marceline w Finn n Jack.png S3e3 Finn n Jake dreaming.png S3e3 Finn n Jake falling asleep.png S3e3 Finn n Jake on couch drooling.png S3e3 Jack opening a pantry.png S3e3 Finn n Jake mouse size.png S3e3 Finn Jake n Marc.png S3e3 Finn and Jake sprinkling powder.png S3e3 Finn n Jake giant heads.png S3e3 Finn n Jake crash into diner.png S3e3 Little Marceline above Finn n Jack.png S3e3 Finn peeking over counter.png S3e3 Finn n Jake in bush.png S3e3 Finn and Jake stunned.png S3e3 Finn and Jake shocked at Marceline.png S3e3 Finn and Jake shocked at Marceline2.png S3e3 Finn and Marceline outside bathroom.png S3e3 Finn with powder.png S3e3 Finn - Ash tricked you.png


s3e5 Finn-PB13.png


s3e8 Magic Fist in locker room.png


S3 E10 what are you saying.png S3 E10 Now now, guys..png S3 E10 lets see what I got in here.png S3 E10 I'll get you for this, Doorlord!.png s3e10 Marc PB Finn Jake.png


S3e11 Uh.png S3e11 Bad it up.png S3e11 Bad it up 2.png

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