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S3e14 susan and finns hero heart.jpg|Susan and Finn S3e14 susan and finn you no gills1.jpg|Susan sees that Finn is not a Hyooman. S3e14 susan and finn fist bump.jpg S3e14 susan holding finn by one leg.jpg S3e14 susan finn you stay.jpg s3e14 Finn gasping for air.png s3e14 Hyoomanboat.png s3e14 Finn waving goodbye to Susan.jpg


s3e15 no one can hear you extended preview.jpg s3e15 no one can hear you2.jpg s3e15 no one can hear you3.jpg


s3e17 Finn sandwich.jpg


s3e18 new frontier preview.jpg s3e18 new frontier preview2.jpg s3e18 new frontier preview3.jpg


S3e19 Finn and BMO.jpg S3e19 Finn on the phone.jpg S3e19 Finn on tummy.jpg S3e19 Finn and Jake watching videotape.jpg


s3e21 Finn w lantern getting under furs.png


S3e22 Finn feeding Moldos.png s3e22 Take it off, Finn.png s3e22 Finn winking.png


S3e23 Finn on cyclops' head.png S3e23 Finn's leg is better.jpg

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