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s4e14 Finn open mouthed.jpg s4e14 just Finn.png s4e14 Finn w cards.png s4e14 extremely smug Finn.png s4e14 Finn closed eyes.png s4e14 very worried Finn.jpg


S4e15 Tiny Manticore in a bottle.png S4e15 Shocked at Magic Man's pain.png S4e15 Finn Punching Magic Man.png S4e15 Finn and Jake Returning to Earth.png s4e15 Finn freeing manticore.jpg


s4e16 I can't stand it.png s4e16 PB to Finn - You're my hero.jpg s4e16 Finn n FlameP laughing.jpg s4e16 Finn and Flame Princess kiss.jpg


S4 E20 First room checked.PNG S4 E20 Finn's screaming at the screen.PNG S4 E20 Finn running while being shocked.PNG


S4 E21 Two shiny golden apples.PNG S4 E21 Jake mud catapult.PNG S4 E21 High Five!.PNG S4 E21 Here are your winners!.PNG S4 E21 Finn took off his pants.PNG S4 E21 Finn flying with Jake.PNG S4 E21 Gold medallion of Brogends.png s4e21 Finn Jake bruised sitting in lake.png s4e21 who would win long preview2.jpg s4e21 Finn's underwear 2.jpg


S4 E22 Flame Shield.PNG S4 E22 Finn asking FK.PNG S4 E22 All evil.PNG S4E22 SS 36.png S4E22 SS 35.png S4E22 SS 34.png S4E22 SS 33.png S4E22 SS 27.png S4E22 SS 25.png S4E22 SS 24.png S4E22 SS 23.png S4E22 SS 21.png S4E22 SS 19.png S4E22 SS 17.png S4E22 SS 16.png S4E22 SS 15.png S4E22 SS 14.png S4E22 SS 13.png S4E22 SS 12.png S4E22 SS 10.png S4E22 SS 9.png S4E22 SS 7.png S4E22 SS 5.png


S4 E23 Finn with wet hair.png S4e23 Finn in the rain.png S4e23 Finn and Jake sitting in the rain.png S4e23 Finn sitting in the rain.jpg S4e23 Finn facedown.jpg


s4e25 I have no idea.jpg


S4 E26 The Universe.PNG S4 E26 The Time room.PNG S4 E26 The multiverse.PNG S4 E26 The Enchiridion.PNG S4 E26 PB's gem collected.PNG S4 E26 PB shocked.PNG S4 E26 LSP asleep.PNG S4 E26 HDP's gem collected.PNG S4 E26 HDP asleep.PNG S4 E26 gems collected so far 2.PNG S4 E26 gems collected so far.PNG S4 E26 Finn wounded.PNG S4 E26 Finn eating a sandwich.PNG S4 E26 Finn and Jake pulling.PNG S4 E26 Failed.PNG S4 E26 ERP asleep.PNG S4 E26 Emerald Princess asleep.PNG S4 E26 Hero High Five.PNG S4e26 Finn with Enchiridion.png S4e26 F&J in dust.png S4e26 Finn riding Jake - revealing long hair.jpg|Finn letting his hair flow in the wind s4e26 scared Finn holding The Enchiridion.jpg s4e26 Finn looking back holding The Enchiridion.jpg s4e26 scared Finn tripped.png

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