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S5 e1 Finn The Humans back.jpg|Finn back shot


S5e2 Finn's hairwings.png s5e2 Jake The Dog 020 0002.jpg


S5e3 pie.png S5e3 finnandjake.png


s5e4 The forbidden fruit.png s5e4 Finn sitting on porcupine.jpg s5e4 Finn and The Squirrel.jpg s5e4 Finn looking up the tree.jpg


S5e6 BMO w bread jumping on Finns belly.png S5e6 BMO w bread standing on Finns belly.png


s5e7 Finn putting some molasses on.png|Finn putting some molasses on s5e7 Finn about to fight dragon.png s5e7 The Dragon vs. Finn.png s5e7 Finn seeing Jake in his pocket.png s5e7 Finn thinking.png s5e7 Finn playing cops and robbers with BMO.png


s5e9 Hold on, heroes.png s5e9 Finn eating lemon candy.png s5e9 Look out, Finn.png


s5e10 Finn's new hair.png s5e10 Finn's hat glowing.png s5e10 Finn scared of hat.png s5e10 Finn and Jake in pool.png s5e10 Finn looking at Jake.png s5e10 not the Gumball Guardian.png s5e10 Finn getting stomped.png s5e10 Finn with good hat.png s5e10 Finn saying goodbye to Little Dude.png s5e10 Finn in bed with hat.png s5e10 Finn blows out candle.png|Finn blowing out a candle s5e10 Finn stripping.png s5e10 Finn gasping.png s5e10 Finn at table.jpg S5e10 Finn in his underwear.jpg S5e10 Finn with short hair.jpg


s5e12 Finn with torch.png S5 e12 Flame Princess lighting the torch.PNG S5 e12 Finn and Flame Princess running into a dungeon.PNG S5 E12 Finn explains.png S5 E12 Finn screaming with confidence.PNG S5 e13 WHAAAAAAAAT..PNG S5 e13 Finn and Jake confused.PNG S5 E12 Finn watching with mouth covered.png S5 E12 Finn complimenting FP.PNG|"Good job, FP." S5 E12 first key.png S5 E12 Finn released.png s5e12 Finn and Flame Orincess at vault entrance.png S5e12 Darn it it's locked.jpg


s5e13 Finn Punk Hair.jpg

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