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s5e15 Finn Jake infont of computer.jpg s5e15 No more No more.jpg s5e15 Finn - Now I'm mad!!.jpg s5e15 Finn shocked.jpg


s5e16 Finn sitting.png s5e16 Finn about to enter Pillow World.png s5e16 Finn tumbling.png s5e16 Finn surprised.png s5e16 What dream.png s5e16 Finn happy to see dragon.png s5e16 Adult Finn.png|Finn as a man s5e16 Finn smiling.jpg


s5e18 Finn embarrassed.png s5e18 Finn has had enough.png s5e18 Why are you doing this, IK.png s5e18 Finn holding leg.png s5e18 callus dripping.png s5e18 Finn soaking foot.png s5e18 Finns leg callous.jpg


s5e19 Finn gritting.jpg s5e19 Finn gritting2.jpg s5e19 Finn patting his chest.jpg s5e19 Finn laughing in tub.jpg s5e19 Finn fighting stance.jpg


s5e20 Finn shuffling cards.jpg s5e20 Finn with axe.png


S5 E21 - The Suitor 024 0009.jpg S5 E21 - The Suitor 024 0017.jpg S5 E21 - The Suitor 024 0018.jpg|Finn talking about Braco S5 E21 - The Suitor 024 0019.jpg


s5e23 Musical Finn.png s5e23 Finn tooting horn.png


S5 e26 Frozen Abracadaniel.PNG S5 e26 Cold spell makes ice.PNG S5 e26 Prisoner throwing underwear at Finn.PNG S5 e26 Finn blushing.PNG

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