Flambits are small fire creatures that are created when Flame Princess blasts fire at her subjects. It is unknown if other Fire Elementals possess a similar ability. It is also unknown if non-Fire Elementals can be transformed into Flambits. Flambo is a large-sized Flambit, and the most notable one in the series.

Flambo reacts with surprise when the Fire Elementals become Flambits, saying "So that's where I came from." This statement suggests greater Fire Elementals may be adult Flambits, and Flambits young Fire Elementals.


Flambits resemble cats and are composed entirely of fire. They each have one tip of flame on their heads while just "born," but Flambo has two flame tips that bear strong resemblance to a cat's ears. Their body proportions are similar to young cats as well. Flambits also resemble the Fire Lion.