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Flame King
Flame King profile image
Name Flame King
Sex Male
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation Former King of the Fire Kingdom

Flame Princess (daughter)
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Introduced in "Incendium"
Latest appearance "The Red Throne"
Voiced by Keith David

Flame King is the former ruler of the Fire Kingdom and Flame Princess' father. He first appears in "Incendium." Jake's mission was to impress him in order to convince him to let his daughter date Finn. After he thinks Finn kills Jake, he releases his daughter and promptly reveals that she is evil. He later appears in "Ignition Point," viewing a play which turns out to be Finn and Jake trying to warn him about an intended regicide. After he demands that Finn and Jake be executed for apparently disguising "treason" as a play, Torcho and Furnius (his nephews) are discovered as the true conspirators, and they reveal that Flame King killed his own brother (Furnius's and Torcho's father) so that he could take the throne. In "Earth & Water," he was overthrown by his daughter and Cinnamon Bun and placed in the lantern where he once held his daughter. In "The Red Throne," the Flame Lord frees him in return for Flame Princess' hand in marriage. After Flame Princess refuses, however, Flame Lord and Flame King have a fistfight and end up imprisoned in the lantern together.


He is much bigger than the other Flame People. He wears a copper armor suit, carved with rhombus-shaped red gems in the armor's collar with a bigger pentagon-shaped one in the chest. The limb pieces have horizontal stripes with copper and brown colors, and his hands are uncovered, revealing his hand-shaped flames. His head is similar to a giant fireball inside the armor, and there are three holes in the flames that form the eyes and the mouth. His crown has five tips and a red gem in the middle. As of his usurpation in "The Red Throne," he no longer wears this crown, which has been transferred to his daughter. When traveling greater distances, he leaves his armor as a flame, and the armor follows him to the destination. Unlike his daughter, he does not have a humanoid body.


When traveling greater distances, he shifts out of his armor as a flame. When he reaches his destination, he merges with his armor at the new destination. He is acrobatic as he was able to jump from his balcony seat in the theater, do a full flip in the air and land perfectly on the stage in "Ignition Point." In the same episode, he is also able to teleport or manifest his presence into the flames of his daughter's candles. This ability was shown again in "Vault of Bones," where he teleports his presence into the flames on the stove.


He seems to be very aristocratic. He has a slightly impatient and demanding personality, stereotypical of royalty. Flame King also understand himself as pure evil, and wanted everybody to have the evil nature he expected in the Fire Kingdom.

Flame King seems to have a strong goal for being the ruler of the Fire Kingdom, having to be ascended to the throne after killing his brother and wanting to keep his occupation. As he wanted to keep his status as the ruler, he feared that Flame Princess would overthrow him and became the new ruler after he finds out that she is more skilled and stronger than him. He told his messenger to take Flame Princess into the woods and let her die, which was denied by Princess Bubblegum, who advised him to lock her up into a lantern after she nearly destroys the Cotton Candy Forest in curiosity. Unexpectedly, Flame Princess eventually remembered the scene and usurped the throne from him and locked him up into the same lantern he locked her up in. He was shown to be willing to give his daughter's hand in marriage with Flame Lord (a person whom she does not have feelings for), throw her into the dungeon just to enter the Fire Kingdom, and accuse her in order to reclaim the throne. However, his plan was spoiled by Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun and he ended up being locked up again, but with Flame Lord this time.


The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series.
It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

He appears in the (non-canon) Adventure Time graphic novel "Playing with Fire," where he continues to try to influence Flame Princess toward evil in a vision. He has made several cameos in the Adventure Time comic, including one instance where he called Ice King "a pa-toot."


  • Flame King shares the same voice actor with Chaos from Final Fantasy, Keith David. Coincidentally, both characters are related with fire, destruction and are described as evil.
  • In "Incendium" it is revealed that Koala Bears were once his favorite thing in the world, but does not like them anymore after Jake used his powers to impersonate one.
  • In "Burning Low" it is implied that he may know Princess Bubblegum, as she was the one who had him put Flame Princess in her lantern. It was later revealed in "Earth & Water," that he knows Princess Bubblegum.
    • The reason he has his daughter kept in the lantern was because of her physical instability. Extreme romance would have resulted in disaster for Flame Princess and the world.
    • He also did this because he feared that Flame Princess might overthrow him and take his throne as said and seen in the episode "Earth & Water."
  • He may know how to speak French, as shown in "Incendium," when he said "Pourquoi"(Why?!) when Jake accidentally killed his jester.
  • In "Ignition Point" he reveals himself, as well as everyone in the Fire Kingdom, to be evil. He also confirms that Flame Princess is evil, but admitted that someone could possibly change her to be good.
  • At the end of "Ignition Point" he uses his daughter's candles to leave the subliminal message of "evil" while she is sleeping.
  • He continued to harass Flame Princess by calling her evil, as seen in the beginning of "Vault of Bones." However, Flame Princess is shown to be aware of his efforts and is more annoyed/saddened than influenced by them.
  • He has the ability to fly, as seen in "The Red Throne."

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