The Fly appeared in "Web Weirdos." He was stuck along with the Bug on Ed's web. He tried to talk to Bug into accepting the fact that this was the "circle of life" and to accept his fate with dignity (which consisted with flailing around in panic). Ed came in when he was depressed and wanted to eat him. Finn tells him to stop to real talk about his girlfriend, but Ed is dubious. He thinks that all "food" does is try to not be food and tells Finn to eat the Fly to prove he's not conspiring with the other food. Finn agrees and pretends to eat him.  He and Bug escaped from the web when Ed cut down the web in an argument with Barb.


Fly looks like a big fly, he is about the size of Finn's hand. He is an insect (six-legged). He has dark blue skin and green eyes. He also has four pointy wings, which are different from real-world flies.


That's the circle of life.

Try to stay calm. Greet your fate with dignity.

Do it for you!