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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode.

The "Food Chain song" features Finn as lead vocals with Princess Bubblegum joining near the end. The song was composed by Soichi Terada and performed in the episode "Food Chain," it is about nature's endless cycle. It was also performed in "The Cooler", but only the first 2 lines were sung by Jake and Finn.


Finn: Round and round as the nature flows
It's like one big ring
Caterpillars eat plants
Small birds eat caterpillars
Big birds eat small birds
Bacteria eats the dead- big bird
From there plants grow
Again caterpillar eats the plant!
Finn & Bubblegum: How natural, no waste
It is an endless chain
What an amazing, wonderful, and excellent!
How harsh, not careless
It's an endless chain
What an amazing, wonderful, and excellent food... food chain!

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