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Forest of Trees

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Forest of Trees
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The entrance that Finn took
Name Forest of Trees
Type Forest
Location Land of Ooo
Notable inhabitants Forest Cyclops
Tree People

The Forest of Trees is a wooded area that is the main setting of "Another Way." The forest is filled with many dangers, such as the Acid River, the Trap Bridge, and the Forest Cyclops. It is a vast forest, as seen in views from parts of the episode, and has many rivers, including a waterfall, though it is unknown if the rivers are connected and make one body of water. Unlike most forests seen in the show, most of the trees are evergreen trees. It appears that the forest is close to the Tree Fort, as Finn reaches the forest in a short amount of time while wearing a cast on one foot.

Known inhabitants


Hair Fall-Out Path

Hair Fall-Off Path
Hair Fall-Out Path is a wooded area that Finn does not travel through. The stump refers to it by saying "There's the path on the left: Hair Fall-Out Path. No more hair again, ever!" Only the woods and the beginning of the path are seen, so it is unknown what the Hair Fall-Out Path looks like. The stump tells Finn to take the Smelly Path instead of the Hair Fall-Out Path after feeling intimidated.

Smelly Path

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Smelly Path is a path that curses the traveler to smell bad forever. Just like Hair Fall-Out Path, it is not traveled through; only its entrance is seen. The stump suggests that Finn take the Smelly Path over the Hair Fall-Out Path because the "Smelly Path is actually not that bad."


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