I have been wanting to express my Mushroom War theory while also hearing others. Comment below about your ideas/theories.

Theory Suggestions:

1. How the Lich has to do with the Mushroom War

2. How it started

3. How Marcy and Ice King are the only survivors in the city afterward

4. Finn (His birth, founding by Joshua & Margret, his real parents, etc.)

5. How magic came into the world

6. How people (Like Candy Citizens) came into being

7. The Crater

8. Ties in with Finn the Human/Jake the Dog 

My Theory:

       The Mushroom War is originally World War 3. Asia, Austrailia, and Africa are all allies against Europe and the Americas. The Eastern Continents (Asia, Austrailia, and Africa) are more against Europe than the Americas. The Eastern Continents build the Toxic Nuke (10000 times the blast radius of a normal Nuclear Warhead). They launched it on Europe. All of Euorpe is destroyed and half of each Eastern Continent is obliterated, leaving the crater.The Lich is a wizard from another dimension from the Multiverse. He came to Earth in 1,123 B.C. to Greece using the Enchiridion. He had foresight of the bomb, and put himself into a deep slumber using magic until the bomb was created. He goes to the blast site of the bomb beforehand. He finds Simon attempting to stop the bomb and teleports him to California in the U.S. The Lich then protects himself from the bomb. In the aftermath of the explosion, he sucks the energy from the bomb then head to North America. The East then nukes The Americas multiple times and has a war with them that potentially wipes out most of the population of North and South America. Simon had barricaded himself in a cave with his ice and Marceline had hidden in the bottom floor of a building. Where the Lich had kept the Enichiridion was deep in a cave under Greece where Simon Petrikov had found it. When the Lich absorbed the Toxic Nuke's energy, the magic that the Lich used activated a portal where the Enchiridion had layed. The portal was one connecting our universe to the Lich's. Thousands of magical creatures poured out and "infected" all the citizens in the Americas and the Eastern Continents, thus ending up with the citizens of Ooo we have in Adventure Time. Now to Finn. A small clan of Americans survived the Mushroom War and have been living in hiding over the hundreds of years. Finn was born 14 years before the current Adventure Time. His clan was moving to a different spot. He was dropped at one point and left behind. His parents had no idea until they reached the new spot, sewers of the Grasslands, faraway from Boom Boom Mountain. His clan was infected by magical fish creatures, resulting in the Hyoomans.

I'd like to hear some other theories. Leave theories in comments below.

GsusRrZg1256 (talk) 03:52, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

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Mushroom war, I beileve the mushroom war was as a result of a nuclear bomb or bombs but if your reading this you already know that. My question is what were they fighting. Evidence of a war is seen in many episodes from wreckage to a soldgier in the background of a picture of Simon and Betty now ice king but never of what they were fighting or a battle (at least that I have seen). Now don't close this once I say this (you've done well so far) but I think it was aliens, aliens which I beleive were rainicorns. You may be thinking you were so doing well till that point but think about it, apart from the UFO's seen in the background of a picture with rainicorn's dad when rainicorn's parents came to visit they were wearing universal translators. Hopefully your thinking okay but why fight Rainicorns. Well we know they have a taste for humans and from Bob rainicorn saying he didn't think he'll get to see another human proves their interaction also a beware of UFO picture is seen on the mystery train. Also why would a creature who can fly by dancing on light need a UFO, your probably thinking why do we have cars but there were seen to be used in combat, in the episode her parents jake draws a dog shooting at a UFO. I also believe soy humans are zombies which will explain rainicorns bad dream about half dead creature attacking her probably a hunting trip gone wrong (zombie Finn had the same color of skin as the soy human hand on the table where finn and the rainicorn's ate). So if they met and fought why the war with dogs and why is the destruction of the world based on nuclear bombs. Maybe a freak accident or a kamakazi like attack which will explain rainicorns retreat to the crystal dimension only to return to a world of magic and anthropomorphic dogs (anthropomorphic meaning HUMANIOD. incentive maybe ).Back to the war i believe it happened in Europe, Germany to be precise as PB speaks German and Finn is caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes. The buildings in Simon's dairy also appear to look European he also mentioned getting the crown in a European sounding country. Ooo contains people considered royalty an idea probably passed on from European lifestyle (being ruled my monarchs). Also the Enchiridion was found in grecce which zeroes in the continent he was on. Also I believe the Hyoomens are as a result of humans escaping in submarines and boats and eventually, partly due to the radiation adapted to their new enviroment turned to fish a twist on darwins theory of evolution.  Azikiwe17 (talk) 01:52, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

I actually enjoyed reading your ideas about the Rainicorns attacking Earth. That's out-of-the-box thinking right there. But, how would this make sense when Finn wishes the Lich never existed, the Earth seems to be unharmed by nuclear warfare. And also, Farmworld Jake was mutated into a Lich-Dog by the bomb, how and why would Rainicorns bring that evil into the world. And to add onto my theory, the scientists that developed the bomb had originally planned on just making nuclear bombs. But an accident happened with one of the bombs, it exploded. And according to Finn from the episode, "The Real You," everything small is just a small version of something big, in this case, the Multiverse. So back to the theory when the bomb split an atom, an unnatural event occured, it opened a new portal into the Lich's dimesion through the Multiverse, also sucking in the explosion leaving the lab unharmed. Some of the Lich's essence came through the portal before it closed. After the portal closed, the essence went to the nearest, and most powerful energy source, a nuclear warhead, thus creating the Toxic Nuclear bomb.

GsusRrZg1256 (talk) 00:59, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

Love reading all these I thought I should share my point of view on this Mushroom War. It seems like this has started in ancient times when the Enchiridion was written. It is an item that ties everything together. So technically speaking...if the Enchiridion is a doorway to other dimensions...well..doors open from both sides. I think the Lich was coming to this Earth to destroy it at its weakest moment...WW3. He was here and foresaw the inevitable war and new what to do. He put himself into a sort of hibernation state..waiting for the bombs production to begin. When the bomb goes off in "Finn The Human/Jake The Dog" it is magical. It isn't anything the government could have created in that age of technology. When they made the bomb he made it more powerful and considering the bombers he probably convinced them it would wipe out all their enemies and they trusted him because of their desire for complete control. By the time the bomb drops Simon the wake of the war and the soon annihilation of Earth as we know it...leaves the human race to die...maybe thinking it was better for the Earth to be reborn and as the story goes...saves a young Marcy. Meanwhile the Lich starts hunting down survivors of the war with his undead army. A camp of survivors(Finns ancestors and a few dogs and other pets) are hiding waiting for it to blow over. After Centuries of nothingness magic begins to retake this dessolet world but under the rule of the Lich. A young hero named Billy is born and soon brings down the Lich and imprisons him in a prison of amber. As Billy grows older a new hero is born in a sort of refugee camp that is starting to fall apart. The parents leave Finn in a forest and you know what happens next. I love this show but hope that the series ends(not soon) with a 8 part(2 hour) WW3 sort of Great Mushroom War rap up where this is explained and then a 4 part series finale with all of Finns ghosts(The Lich) come back to haunt him. VrialGameOver (talk) 04:13, December 13, 2012 (UTC) VrialGameOver

thats awesome viral. i think mabe the lich porposly showed the humans how to harness the power of spirits and darkmagic because the humans, at this point, are so greedy and voilent they abuse the power, as the lich planned. just my little add-on there ViralGameOver. Randomtoon4ever (talk) 04:38, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

Maybe the bomb was made purposely to kill Simon? With his ice-powers and broken mind he could be seen as a danger to society. It would explain why Simon was at the same place as the planes that dropped it (see Finn the Human).

Well, it's taken me three months to finally understand, but here's the best I got. Here is my theory for the War: Involving the Lich: It has been proven he is a result of the War (Born of the Bomb). After the war, he probably, swept the Earth, looking for survivors. Obviously, Simon and Marcy survived, and, likely a few humans. Involving Simon: We already know that Simon lived in San Fransisco, or at least California, before the war. This proves the Ice Kingdom is probably made up of the West Coast in the US. So about his story, he got the crown, went insane.(By now, you should know the rest) I believe the Crown may have been possessed by an "Ice Lich" long before the War (probably in the days of the Vikings) and when Simon wore it, he became as the corpse the Lich wore: a puppet to it's master. There may be a slight chance to save him, as he seems to STILL be fighting really hard. If my theory is true, then the Lich (King) may have not respected the Ice Lich for being captured (or didn't respect him it at all), as when Bubblegum was possessed, she called the "Ice Wizard a weak fool." This is the case, or the Crown may just be possessed by a crazy ghost. Involving Marcy: I can be positive that she lived on the West Coast (either Washington or California), but, otherwise, have no evidence of Marceline's previous home. We know she was friends with Simon until he went completely insane, but this will be looked at in the Season 5 episode, Simon and Marcy (ready the Kleenex). For her mom, she was probably a human that fell in love with Hunson Abadeer, and they had Marcy. She probably died before or during the Bomb's drop. As for Hunson, he probably abandoned Marcy or never even knew about the apocalypse till later.

Yep, that sums it up. For further info, look through the Mushroom War article.

Theory regarding The Lich

It became obvious that, after Finn the Human/Jake the Dog, the Lich from Ooo timeline was created by the Mushroom Bomb, a nuclear bomb of mass destruction which caused all the mutations present in Adventure time.

In the real world, a nuclear bomb would not have such an effect. Everyone nearby would die a slow, cancerous death. Also, most mushroom clouds are orange/red, rather than green.

Maybe the planes were disposing of nuclear waste, and the 'bomb' was actually a silo?

It would explain why a crater filled with liquid was left behind, and why Finn (from Farmworld)'s house was not obliterated.

As for the cloud/explosion, that might have been residue radioactivity.

The Mushroom Cloud was shown in Mortal Folly . Cybersword10 (talk) 16:25, December 24, 2012 (UTC)