Founder's Song is a traditional song that was sung every Friday on Founder's Island. Dr. Gross is seen singing the song in the beginning of "Hide and Seek," and later again after Frieda's ship was destroyed, albeit she was only humming. The song explains why the life on Founder's Island is the way it is: they are attempting to rescue and preserve the human race under the philosophy of the Founders. This song was written by storyboard artist Aleks Sennwald.


We had to leave our place because
The world was dyin'
And everyone that wasn't dead
Spent all of their time cryin'
Our ways had failed, nature had failed
We made a lot of errors
The Founders had some new ideas
That made everything better
Our Founders dreamt of this island
Our ships landed on its shore
They built our wonderful Guardian
To keep destruction from our door
The Hiders fear these new ideas
But do your best to help them
'Cause just outside is darkness and death
Disease, monsters, and problems
So come out of your hiding place
Come out of the darkness
And we'll find a new way
To live by the light of the Founders


  • An instrumental version of this song plays during the credits of the Islands miniseries.

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