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Gentleman Wizard was one of the original competitors in the episode "Wizard Battle." He, along with the Lady Wizard 1, Lady Wizard 2, and Brain Wiz, wanted to leave the battle after hearing the prize was a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. Grand Master Wizard turns him and the others into cats as a result, since no one is allowed to leave Wizard Battle until there is a victor. In the episode "Betty," he is among the wizards trying to stop Bella Noche.


He has purple skin, shaggy gray hair, and wears a pointed blue hat. He wears a yellow and blue superhero-like suit and a mossy-looking layered green cape. He has symbols on his chest and cape that both resemble a sideways crescent moon. When turned into a cat, his fur color is the same as his skin, with a green spot similar to his cape. He also retains some of his facial features, and wears a navy blue cone-shaped cap.


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