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Do you think your energy could be used to power a huge machine?

—"Power Animal"

Yes, the charismatic stranger from last night! Also, the Grand Master of the Gnomes! And... ruler of the Beneathaverse!

Oh, no. I've been searching all over Ooo for the ultimate power source, a living dynamo! Something that never slows down...

You will have the great honor of powering the Upturnoverdrive!

It will flip over the entire world. Then we'll be the ones on top, buddy!

Yes, but the engineering... is very sound.

Your energies will be harnessed by our most advanced technology, the Cyclonic Rodentarod!

Congratulations, you've fully charged the alternator! Now it's time to power up the Plasma Ball... with sexy fun dancing!

Yes, this machine will suck the energy from your thoughts to start our Upturnoverdrive!

Fire the shooty-gun-ray!

—"Power Animal"