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Yeah, thanks, Finn. I'm excited to learn.


Jake, these kids seem pretty scary...

Yeah, I think so, Finn. I've learned a real lot already so far. So much. From Jake.

Alright, listen up! You kids better stop donking around and get up that ramp! You're gonna mess up Goliad! I'm Don Juan Cherry Temp—Cherry Tempo! It's my way or the highway, glob-dobbit!

My brain? Are you sure?

No, Finn. This way's good. Everyone did what I wanted. Really fast, no mistakes, calm like you said. This is definitely the way to lead. Definitely.

No, Princess. Bee cares not for flower. If getting pollen hurt or killed flower, bee would not care. Bee is stronger than flower. Goliad is stronger than bee. Goliad is stronger than all.

No, Princess. This is my castle now.

Wait, brother. Why must we fight? Rule with me! [...] No, brother. Don't you see? They're turning us against— [...] So be it...

Hi, Finn. Hi, Jake.