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Season 3Edit

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Grand Master Wizard of ceremonies, and now the rules: Contestants will fight each other with spells from the eight schools of magic. No science, Science Whyzard! No weapons, Weapon Head! To enter wizard battle, you must be a wizard!

—"Wizard Battle"

No! No one is allowed to exit Wizard Battle! The doors are shut, the sky barrier is in place, all of you will kiss the princess or die in battle.

—"Wizard Battle"

It appears you have knocked Abracadaniel using the most shameful of all magic, a power shriek. But since you are the last wizard, you are the winner of Wizard Battle!

—"Wizard Battle"

Season 5Edit

Wizard Prison! All of you! WIZARD PRISON!!!

—"Wizards Only, Fools"

Aw cram, HERE WE GO!


Bella Noche is a being of pure anti-magic. Y'alls got played!!


We're toast, bro.