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Greed Lards are a species of lard (the others being Sea Lards, Space Lards, and Grass Lards) that preys on others to consume their treasure. They first appear in the episode "Lemonhope Part 2," where Phlannel Boxingday's cloud vessel is attacked by a flock of lards.


Greed Lards bear a slight resemblance to Sea Lards and Space Lards, with a similar rounded nose and head shape. However, they have incredibly large bodies and can come in various colors. The Greed Lards also have small wings that allow them to fly at high speeds. The lards also have a hole on their head which allows them to emit steam when angry.


Greed Lards typically feed on treasure, mostly gold and gems, and store it within their bodies. The lard is fairly aggressive and often preys on the inhabitants of Ooo for their treasure. Greed Lards live in packs that patrol the skies and can call on each other when they feel threatened. However, they are quick to flee if they see one of their kind get killed. Monster hunters are their main "predators" as they often hunt and kill them for their "stash."

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