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This article is about the dinosaur. You may be looking for the penguin.

Gunther is a wizard, formerly a dinosaur, who appeared in the episode "Evergreen." He is Urgence Evergreen's apprentice, and possibly his adopted son. Gunther is one of the few characters known to exist before the Mushroom War. Gunther became a wizard after wearing Evergreen's magic crown, because he wished to be like Evergreen, his beloved role model.


Before putting on Evergreen's crown, Gunther was a green dinosaur with three fingers on each hand. He had a green tail and a dark green collar of skin around his neck, reminiscent of Shelby's clitellum. As a wizard, Gunther gains a nose like Ice King's, his skin turns light blue, his tail disappears, he grows long white facial hair, and he gains eyes like Evergreen's.


Gunther is generally very playful and silly. He cares for his master, Evergreen, although Gunther resents him when he is ordered around. Gunther's brain has been altered by Evergreen, most likely to enhance his intelligence. At the end of the episode it becomes apparent that Gunther's deepest wish is to be like Evergreen; this wish grants him magical ice powers, but he loses his sanity and his features are changed as a result.

In "Broke His Crown," he is shown to still love Evergreen and called the professor (meaning Simon) the smartest man he knew next to Evergreen.


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  • His name being the name randomly used by anyone wearing the Ice Crown may be a side effect of Gunther's wish to be like Evergreen and his treatment of Gunther. This explains why the Ice King calls many characters, including penguins and even Marceline at one point, Gunther.


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