"Happy Warrior" is the sixth part of Adventure Time mini-series "Elements" and is the twenty-first episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time and is the two hundred fifty-ninth episode overall.


Finn and his friends fight through a more brutal Fire Kingdom to find Flame Princess.[1]


The episode opens to Finn grieving over Jake after he disappered after the events of "Slime Central". Lumpy Space Princess goes to cheer up Finn, saying "He's having much more fun in Slime Princess' body." Betty goes over to Finn's bag and takes Slime Princess' jewel and places it in The Enchiridion. Only two more jewels are needed, so they decide to go after the fire jewel from Flame Princess.

The cloud arrives at the Fire Kingdom, now turned a gray and blue land, as blue is hotter than red. Finn is looking at photos of Jake on his phone, then LSP smacks it out of his hand and into the Fire Kingdom. Betty casts a fire spell on Finn. Ice King's ice magic is limited due to the fire elements, so he sends Gunter in his place. After Finn and Gunter climb down into Fire Kingdom, LSP becomes bored with Ice King and Betty and goes down with Finn and Gunter.

After arriving onto the Fire Kingdom floor, a tiny blue warrior attacks Finn and his friends. Finn dodges the attack and hits down the warrior. Their armor breaks and it is revealed to be Wyatt. Finn and the others take his armor, Gunter too. Gunter puts some armor around his neck. LSP and Finn each take an arm. Finn also picks up a blue fire sword; however, this makes him a little more violent.

Finn and the others traverse the Fire Kingdom, and all its inhabitants and other characters are blue and violent, attacking each other. They are soon confronted by Lady Rainicorn, but now known as Lady Flamacorn.

She exclaims at them. (Korean Translation Needed) Finn attempts to tell her about Jake, but she hits him through a tree mid-sentence. Finn becomes angered, pulls out the blue fire sword, and tells Lady that "He will get the fire jewel, even if he has to put her in the ground." The sword is effecting him, as blue flames start to appear on him. But, Finn refuses, and won't fight her. LSP; however, charges into Lady Flamacorn. Soon, Gunter also jumps in, but both of them are thrown back. Lady surround them and the flame across her back grows and towers over them. Suddenly, an arm stretches and hits Lady Flamacorn's face, causing her to flee. The arm is shown to belong to Cinnamon Bun, riding Jake 2. Cinnamon Bun was not transformed from the elements due to his flame shield. Finn then asks him to escort them to Flame Princess.

They arrive at the throne room, now turned into a crater. Cinnamon Bun says he cannot go further, as Flame Princess said some pretty hurtful things. Finn says he'll talk to her. Suddenly, Finn becomes enraged by fire and says he'll talk her into next week. Cinnamon Bun stops him, and says he's (CB himself) alone now.

Next, they are encountered by Flambo, who's blue and differs completely from his normal look. Flambo was wearing a checkered long sleeve vest with a bowtie and pants. He throws a fireball at Finn, but he deflects it back to Flambo with the fire sword. It causes Flambo detatch his head from the body. Finn once again becomes more engulfed with rage and fire, but this time it's more visible, as Finn stomps on Flambo's head, causing him to flee in four parts. Gunter then calls Finn and LSP, pointing down a hole that leads into the inner part of the kingdom.

The hole ends at the wall of a cave underground. In it, a full battle between everyone in it. Gunter is also down there fighting. A dragon flies by, and Finn spots Flame Princess' fire jewel in its teeth. Finn thinks the dragon ate Flame Princess. Finn jumps down and grabs onto the dragon's tail and climbs to the head. He grabs the jewel and exclaims at the dragon, but suddenly realise that the dragon is Flame Princess herself. She tells Finn to return the jewel, confirming she is the dragon. She throws Finn onto the ground and says that her only friend is violence, and the only thing everyone does is fight. Finn pulls out the fire sword, and LSP exclaims at Finn, but she is interrupted by arrows hitting her armor. Gunter smashes the attacker but also becomes it, as he is then engulfed fully and becomes a blue fire penguin. LSP then flees away from Gunter's arrows, and tells Finn to finish up and run. Flame Princess bites down on Finn's arm and consumes the jewel, making it technically impossible to retrieve it. With the jewel gone, Finn realises that without the jewel, he cannot save Jake. Finn finally snaps and pulls out the fire sword and finally becomes Flame Finn and grunts, "I'm going to ruin your universe." Flame Finn attacks Flame Princess, and LSP still thinks Finn and Flame Princess can still work out.

Arrows fly at LSP, and one actually hits the star on her head. She becomes angry and tries to make everyone stop fighting. No one listens, so she screams to get everyone's attention. LSP screams at them, saying why they can't be those nice boring losers in the Candy Kingdom, or more like LSP herself. Finn says kill her. Flame Princess, says that we should not attack each other, but attack those nerds in the Candy Kingdom.

Flame Princess burst out of the ground and into the surface, and the rest follow her to the Candy Kingdom. Cinnamon Bun watches in the distance with binoculars, saying this is the end of all things. LSP comes out of the ground and calls for Finn, and the episode ends.


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  • This episode marks the first time Finn calls Flame Princess by her first name Phoebe.
  • Despite being pictured and mentioned, Jake is absent in this episode since he absorbed into Slime Princess in the previous episode.

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  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.


  • About 7:30 into the episode, when Finn and LSP spot Gunter, Finn does not have his flame shield.
  • When Gunter is sitting inside of Finn's hat, Finn doesn't appear to have any hair. In "Cloudy" Finn was seen putting all his hair on top of his head to fit his hat and this time it seems like he doesn't (and cannot) do that.



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