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Her Parents

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"Her Parents"
Season 2, episode 12
Titlecard S2E12 herparents
Production code: 1002-034
Airdate: January 24, 2011
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Merriwether Williams
Steve Little
Patrick McHale
Pendleton Ward
Thurop Van Orman
Written &
storyboarded by:
Ako Castuera
Tom Herpich
"The Chamber of Frozen Blades"
"The Pods"
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"Her Parents" is the twelfth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It is the Expression error: Unrecognised word "second". episode overall.


When Lady Rainicorn's parents come to visit, Jake fears they will be full of hatred due to past difficulties between their races. To appease them, Jake pretends to be a Rainicorn and tries to get Finn's assistance. This threatens their friendship in the process.


Finn, Jake, and BMO are eating eggs for breakfast when Jake gets a phone call. Lady Rainicorn is worried about introducing Jake to her parents during lunch. Jake decides to send a message by prism-gram to ask Lady's Parents if they want to come to the Tree Fort early. Lady's Parents send a message back saying that they agree. As Jake prepares to meet them, Finn asks him why Lady is worried about introducing him. Jake tells Finn that it might have to do something with the Rainicorn-Dog Wars. He says that there were terrible wars between rainicorns and dogs for territory in the Crystal Dimension. Finn says that Lady's parents are probably full of dog hatred from the war times.

Since this is what Finn and Jake thought was true, Finn came up with a plan about making Jake look like a rainicorn. Finn paints Jake with condiments like ketchup and mustard and also paints the house's interior with Rainbow Jelly. Jake forms into a rainicorn and realizes that their plan might fail. As he panics, Lady's parents arrive. He opens the door and sees that they are wearing universal translators so they can communicate in English. Ethel Rainicorn screams, frightening Jake, but says that her daughter finally met a handsome rainicorn. Bob Rainicorn agrees and Jake decides to let them in.

Lady's parents notice Finn and thinks that he's an odd-looking goblin. Jake tells them that Finn is a human, making them believe that he's rich. They start playing rainicorn games such as Cameladapuamawamap*thhpppppthhhhh* with Jake, but Jake gets Finn's help to make him look like a rainicorn. Finn gets overworked and injured in all the games, making him really angry. Jake begs Finn for help and forgiveness. Finn forgives Jake, who soon met up with Lady's parents. They decide that it's time for lunch, but Jake tells them that he should provide the food.

Jake asks Finn to make lunch. Finn agrees and Jake tells Lady's parents that Finn is a little raw but has great taste (he means in cooking). Finn returns with the food, but Lady's parents try to eat him instead, and say that he has "great taste" (as in flavor). Jake becomes furious, grows, and tells them that he is a dog and to leave Finn alone. Lady's parents become happy and start singing. Jake becomes confused, but sees Lady Rainicorn. She rushes in and explains that her parents are bananas for dogs because a dog saved her dad in the war. Lady's parents apologize for trying to eat Finn and eat Soy People instead during lunch. Jake tries the food and tells Finn that it's delicious. The episode ends with Finn biting a piece of Soy People and smiling.


Major characters

Minor characters



  • According to the Cartoon Network Australia site, this episode was previously titled "Meet the Parents."[1]
  • During the ending, Finn was shown eating Soy people (which have the same taste as a human) and smiling after taking a bite, which is implying he enjoyed it.
  • According to Bob, humans were thought to be extinct.
  • The picture of the dog saving Bob shows that the dog is in handcuffs, despite having saved him. It was confirmed that the dog was captured.
    • Additionally, and object that appears to be a UFO can be seen in the background. Another UFO appearance is in "Mystery Train," in a poster saying "Watch Out for UFO's!"
  • When Lady Rainicorn's parents are looking at Finn and Jake's house, a Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System in the US and Europe) is seen to the left of Finn.
  • In the promo art, Lady Rainicorn's parents are wrapped around BMO. However, BMO does not play a major role in this episode.
  • Finn makes a PHIL FACE right before he tells Jake his plan.
  • In spite of Jake not even knowing Lady's parents before, there are puppets of them in the "Decorating Song."
  • The prism-gram Jake wrote said: 무지개콘 선생님과 사모님께, 47 무지개 길. 점심에 한시간 일찍 와주세요. 나는 애완 거북이가 없어요. 제이크 드림." Which is translated to: "To Mr. Rainicorn and Mrs. Rainicorn, Rainroad 47. Please come here one hour early for lunch. I don't have a pet turtle. From Jake."
    • The letter is written from left to right, which is not a formal manner of Korean writing.
  • When Finn said, "come on, lets powder our noses," it is referring to the way in which women powder their noses in the restroom.
  • At the start of the episode after breakfast, BMO cannot put its arms behind its head, but in "Guardians of Sunshine," it can stretch its arms to press the button that transported Finn and Jake into the video game.


  • When Jake and Bob are playing a traditional Rainicorn game, Bob changes the wall to red but when it is Jake's turn, the wall is not red.


This episode was censored on Cartoon Network Australia. See Censorship of Adventure Time in Australia for more information.


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