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"Hero Heart" is the seventh part of Adventure Time mini-series "Elements" and is the twenty-second episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time and is the two-hundred sixtieth episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

A full-scale war breaks out between two kingdoms, and Ooo's most unlikely hero must put an end to the fighting.[1]

Plot Edit

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War breaks out between the Fire Kingdom and the Candy Kingdom. Lumpy Space Princess is still tying to stop Finn (Fire Form) from attacking the Candy Kingdom.

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  • The song that all of the characters excluding Finn sung is Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Peerless Quartet and Henry Burr which was recorded in 1911.

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  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.

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  • While Fun the Human and Lemonpink are conversing at a table in the Tree Fort, a black outline appears around Fun's diamond face for a frame.

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