"Hero Heart" is the seventh part of Adventure Time mini-series "Elements" and is the twenty-second episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time and is the two-hundred sixtieth episode overall.


A full-scale war breaks out between two kingdoms, and Ooo's most unlikely hero must put an end to the fighting.[1]


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War breaks out between the Fire Kingdom and the Candy Kingdom. Lumpy Space Princess is still tying to stop Finn (Fire Form) from attacking the Candy Kingdom.


Major Characters

Minor Characters




Cultural References

  • The song that all of the characters excluding Finn sang is Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Peerless Quartet and Henry Burr which was recorded in 1911.

Episode Connections

  • During Finn's visit to his happy place, flashbacks to "To Cut a Woman's Hair," "Mortal Recoil," "Too Young," and "The Pajama War" are shown. For the "Too Young" flashback, Princess Bubblegum appears in her 13-year old form, with archived audio of Isabella Acres used albeit being credited.
  • Flint had the idea of having the Fire Kingdom declare war on the Candy Kingdom in "The Cooler."
    • When Betty betrays Finn, it mirrors The Lich's actions in "The Lich."
      • For example, like The Lich, Betty ordered Finn to retrive crown jewels for the Enchiridion.
      • Similarly, the false reason Betty gave, saving the world, mirrors how The Lich impersonated Billy wanting to save the world.
      • The true intentions of Betty and The Lich are also alike-both want to fix reality how they want it.
      • Both Betty and The Lich kick out Finn. However, in The Lich, Jake is with him and follows The Lich.
      • Betty's true reasons for getting the gems are revealed in the sequel episode, the same being true for The Lich.
      • Both the Lich and Betty laugh evilly as they betray Finn.

Storyline Analysis

Production Notes

  • This episode was made available for download on iTunes on April 17th.


  • While Fun the Human and Lemonpink are conversing at a table in the Tree Fort, a black outline appears around Fun's diamond face for a frame.



Official Art

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