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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Hot to the Touch" from season 4, which aired on April 2, 2012.

This transcript is complete.

This episode is a continuation of "Incendium" (see transcript).


[Flame Princess slaps Finn, leaving a hand-shaped burn mark on his face.]
Flame Princess: Don't ever mess with me again!
[Flame Princess shoots out the window in a trail of fire.]
Finn: [Looks at Jake]; Who was that?
Jake: [Still terrified] The Princess of the Fire Kingdom?
Finn: [Looks out the window, then back at Jake] Dude, I think I have a crush.
[Finn walks in front of Jake.]
Finn: What do you know about her, Jake?
Jake: I was trying to help you get over your Princess Bubblegum sad times by hooking you two up. But she's evil, man!
Finn: You shut your dirty mouth! [Slaps Jake. Finn's angry outburst causes the burn mark to disappear]
Jake: Dirty? [Checks gums] Oh. No, really man! Her dad said she was evil!
Finn: Naw, man, I peeped beyond her burning gaze, and noshed hot lunch with her soul. [Walks to the window] She ain't evil. She's passionate. Help me track her down.
Jake: Hmmm..
Finn: C'mon, man, I really like her. Help me out. [Rubs Jake's face] Jake, Jake help me out. Help me out. Jake, Jake, help me. Jake, Jake, help me!
Jake: Eeeeeeeeehhh, ok.
Finn: Whoo! Alright!
[The scene cut to Jake walking over trees as a giant with Finn on his head.]
Jake: You sure you're not into any other princesses? What about Wildberry Princess? She's small and plump. You could sleep on her like a pillow. Could be nice.
[Light shines on Finn and Jake as a burning bird flies away.]
Finn: Is that bird... smoking?
Brown Bird: Hey, don't you judge me. It was that fire chick down there that done this to me.
[Jake stretches down the bushes as he and Finn hide behind them. They see Flame Princess touching flowers and burning them]
Flame Princess: Oh.
[The fire burns other flowers, spreading towards a lake.]
Flame Princess: [Gasps]
Finn: Oh, Jake... look at her. She's innocent. Like the steam off a puppy's nose, searching for ham in the snow.
Jake: Guy drops one piece of ham in the snow and he never hears the end of it! Snap out of it! She's burning cute little flowers!
Finn: [Focusing on Flame Princess] Yeah, she is like a cute little flower.
[Flame Princess walks towards the lake, kneels and dips her hand in it]
Flame Princess: Aaahh!
Finn: [Comes out of the bush] Oh, no, are you ok?
Flame Princess: [Gasps]
Finn: I... I was just worried about you.
Flame Princess: Huh?
Finn: Look, I'm sorry about what I said before. I don't know what happened, but I just, I had to see you again. And, I don't know.. I don't know anything about you, [Flame Princess glows brighter] but I just, I really like you. You know, you're so... beautiful.
[Flame Princess glows brightly]
Finn: [Sees fire beneath him] Whoa!
[Finn stomps on fire, but stops when he sees Flame Princess reacting with pain.]
Flame Princess: Ah!
[Finn stomps on fire again]
Flame Princess: Ow!
Finn: Oh, Glob. Am I hurting you?
Flame Princess: Yes! That's all you've done! [gasps] Are you trying to hurt me?! Is that why you're following me?!
Finn: I'm not followi-- Well, I guess technically I am following you.
Flame Princess: [Gasps then runs away]
Finn: Hey, no wait! [Chases Flame Princess]
Finn: [Laughs awkwardly] I guess now I'm technically chasing you. [Laughs again]
[Jake comes out of the bushes]
Jake: Finn!
[Flame Princess burns tree. Tree falls down, blocking Finn and Jake]
Jake: Hold on! [Turns into a giant and uses his "buns" to put out the fire on the tree]
Jake: Eaoww.. Toasty buns. [Runs off while carrying Finn as they reach the end of the forest]
Finn: Where are you? I want to chat it up with you! Oh, we lost her!
[Flame Princess appears as trails of fire then reforms]
Finn: Whoa.
Flame Princess: I am ambushing you! [Throws fireball]
Finn and Jake: Aah!
[Finn and Jake run around to avoid fireballs]
Finn: Hey, I like your fireballs.
Flame Princess: Huh? Why do you torment me?
Finn: I'm not trying to. I just like you. I think I... I think I like-like you. Listen, when I look at you, my brain goes all stupid. And I just wanna hug you, and sit on the couch and play BMO with you. I can't explain why, but, I never felt this way before and I think we should be together.
Flame Princess: I... [Smiles, blushes and glows brightly]
Finn: [Smiles, claps, and laughs in excitement] Yeah.
Flame Princess: Rggh! Enough. You should not toy with the emotions of a fire elemental.
Finn: Wait wait, I really didn't--
Flame Princess: You told me you liked me, and you made my flame grow brighter, but then you put me out, which hurt! [Throws a big fireball at Finn and Jake]
Flame Princess: You're trying to impede me. That must be your purpose, ...but fire's purpose is to burn, so I'm going to turn this land into my fire kingdom!
Finn: No!
[Flame Princess creates a fire wall as Finn and Jake back away from the fire]
Jake: She's headed for Goblin Kingdom! We need to defeat this fiery she-beast!
Finn: I can't fight her, man. I'm still into her!
Jake: Finn, what's more important? Your love for that screwball dame, or being a hero and savin' the lives of innocent goblin folks?
Finn: Rrrrhh.. Being a hero.
Jake: Alright, c'mon! Let's go build fire-proof suits.
[Scene cuts to the Tree Fort's garage.]
Finn: [Frantically searching pile of junk] Uh-uh-uh, I gotta' get back to her.
Jake: Dude, slow down or your fire suit will be junk. [Sees a bag of bread] Ooh. Is bags of old bread fire-proof? [Slightly shoves the bag, showing Neptr.]
Neptr: Jake, you've found Neptr! I am the ultimate hide-and-seek champion! 15 months, 4 days, 9 hours and you guys did not find me! [Spins his oven body] Hahahaha-hahaha.
Jake: [Whispers to Finn] Oh, plops, we forgot about the game.
Finn: Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh...
Neptr: I missed you, creator.
Finn: And we missed you, too, but Neptr, right now we need you to--
Neptr: To count to 100 while you hide? 1, 2,.. 3, 4, 5--
[Finn halts Neptr]
Finn: Neptr, will you help us build fire-proof suits?
[Neptr raises his arm]
Neptr: You cannot tell but I am giving a thumbs up.
[Neptr raps "Working for the Master" as he builds Finn and Jake fire-proof suits while the two assist him]
Neptr: I am finished!
[The scene cuts to Finn flying with his suit.]
Finn: I sure hope Flame Princess is okay.
Neptr: Haha, we are as one, creator.
Finn: Jake, you think Flame Princess is okay?
[Jake rises up as Finn spins to avoid Jake]
Jake: DUUUUDE! I feel like I can touch the heavens! [Whispers] And sock angels!
Finn: We're coming up on the Goblin Kingdom.
[Finn and Jake fly above trails of fire as they see the kingdom]
Finn: There she is.
[Flame Princess shoots fire on houses]
Finn: She seems okay.
Goblin: AAAAHH! Wood for sale! Wood on fire for sale!
[Flame Princess shoots out two lines of fire and turns around]
Flame Princess: It's really starting to come together. Needs more... fire... hmm.
Finn: Flame Princess!
[Flame Princess turns]
Finn: Listen, you gotta stop burning the Goblin Kingdom, ...but I don't wanna fight you or hurt you, I swear.
Flame Princess: I've heard this all before. [Shoots fireballs at Finn and Jake but their suits put out the fireballs. They land in front of Flame Princess]
Flame Princess: You... MEANIE! [Throws fireball at Finn. The suit deflects the fireball as the latter bounces. Hitting a goblin's cart.]
Goblin: My cart. I was born in that cart!
Jake: [Gasp] I'll put it out! [Jake runs through cart and crashes into a building.]
Flame Princess: Ah!
Finn: Aah! Jake didn't mean that!
[Flame Princess shoots a stream of fire at a building.]
Jake: Oh... [Hovers near the fire.] I need your help Finn! This one's too big! [Kicks fire]
Flame Princess: Ah! Whyyyy?!
Finn: No, Jake, stop. You're hurting her!
Neptr: I will solve this, creator. I will extinguish her using our suit! Foam blaster. [Neptr raises the suits right arm and retracts the hand into a blaster.] Hold still, burning lady.
[Neptr turns the suit around and aims the blaster at Flame Princess]
Finn: Wha?
Neptr: Locked on target.
Finn: [Finn holds the blaster with his suit's left hand] No, Neptr!
Neptr: Yes, creator.
[Finn turns the suit around, before the blaster fires]
Finn: NOOOO!
[The blaster hits Flame Princess's fire]
Flame Princess: AH!
Finn: [Distressed] I'm sorry!
[Neptr lowers the right arm down, hitting Jake with foam as his suit is covered by it.]
Flame Princess: That is the last time you hurt me. [Transforms into her giant form] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!
Finn: My bad, Jake! Turn it off, Neptr!
[Finn turns to look at Flame Princess]
Finn: [Gasp]
Neptr: Oh, my...
[Flame Princess turns around and burns the whole city.]
Finn: NO!
Flame Princess: RAAAAAAAAAHH! [A "tear" comes out from Flame Princess's right eye.]
Finn: No more... No more! [Kneels the suit then rips out of his suit and climbs at its top.] FLAME PRINCESS!
[Flame Princess walks away]
Finn: I can't fight her, ...but I can't let her destroy the city... I've failed everyone.
[Neptr turns]
Neptr: Not true, creator. You haven't failed Neptr. Even if everyone burns, you'll still have me, creator.
[Finn looks at Jake, who is moving his own suit's limbs. Jake takes a scoop of the foam and eats it.]
Jake: Mmm! [Smiles and gets another scoop.]
Finn: No. Why can't I just like a girl? [Finn's tear drops onto Flame Princess's fire.]
Flame Princess: Ow! [Looks angrily at Finn. She notices he's crying.] Huh?
[Dives as a fire towards Finn while she shrinks her size.]
Finn: [Coughs then faints.]
Flame Princess: [Touches Finn's tears then jumps back] Oh.
[Flame Princess puts all of her fire out.]
Finn: [Gasps for air then coughs; he sees Flame Princess by his side.] Wah! Did I... do something... cool while I was knocked out?
Flame Princess: I understand now. You're a water elemental.
Finn: What?
Flame Princess: You're my opposite. You create water.
Finn: What, cry? No, I j--
Flame Princess: Yeah, you cry and cry all the time.
Finn: N-No. I-I don't usually do that.
Flame Princess: That's your power.
Finn: No! N-N-N-NO-NO-NO! [waves his hands while blushing.]
Flame Princess: Finn, even if we like each other, we're going to hurt each other.
Finn: No, we don't have to. I can take it... I... I mean, can't we try?
Flame Princess: You would defy nature for me?
Finn: Uh... yeah, whatevs.
[Finn and Flame Princess hug, Finn tries to bear the pain but pulls away.]
Finn: Aaah.. Uh.
Flame Princess: Bye, Finn. [Departs]
Neptr: Goodbye, lady.
Jake: FINN! [Stretches up.] Oh my Glob, man. Everyone's dead, man! They're all burned. There's barbecued bods EVERYWHERE!
Finn: WHAAAAT!?!
Jake: Hah. I'm just kidding. I saved 'em. Everyone's fine, see?
[Jake gestures towards the crowd of unharmed goblins]
Jake: So. How'd everything go with Flame Princess?
Finn: She hugged me... then left.
Jake: Whoa! How did it feel?
Finn: [Turns to the direction Flame Princess took while leaving a trail of fire behind.] It hurt.

Episode ends

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